On 'RHOP,' Do We Trust Eddie Osefo Or Gizelle Bryant?

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On 'RHOP,' Do We Trust Eddie Osefo Or Gizelle Bryant?

This week’s Potomac opened on Ashley and her troll Michael Darby bringing their newborn baby home. At just two days old we welcome Dylan Matthew Darby to the RHOP fold. While it’s nice to see a new face, I gotta wonder what the maternity leave policy is on this show, because Ashley is up and filming just days after giving birth. Aside from this, we get to be a part of the sweet moment where Ashley’s sons meet. Dean, who is one, coos over his newborn baby brother while Ashley explains that she feels complete with the two of them together.

Over in the world of Candiace, she packs for the trip she’s taking the girls on to Williamsburg, VA. While she asked all of the girls at her pajama party if they’d like to join her, she leaves out one key person – Ashley. Who, to be fair, just had a baby but extending an invite might be nice. Chris, Ashley’s husbandger agrees. He also thinks a few days of rest will do her mind and body right before she has to shoot two music videos.

Back at Ashley’s, she entertains Gizelle who is visiting her and baby Dylan. As the two talk about how Dean is doing with being a big brother Dylan makes it known how he is doing and blows out his diaper. And speaking of blowing out, Gizelle asks Ashley if her booty hole tore this time around like it did last time. Ashley says it didn’t but she did poop on the table for the first time ever. Shocked, Gizelle admitted that she did the same when she had her kids. Moving on from torn booty holes and feces, Gizelle brings up Candiace’s trip to the uninvited Ashley. Ashley knew not about the trip, but does think she may make it down there for at least a day to come see the ladies.

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