Who's Returning To 'RHOA' For Season 14? Based On The Reunion, It's Obvious

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Who's Returning To 'RHOA' For Season 14? Based On The Reunion, It's Obvious

While Real Housewives reunions are always about the cast rehashing the season’s drama, we usually also get to see the cast members speak on things that weren’t entirely resolved. Maybe something happened in a hot mic moment that needs to be brought up. Maybe a Housewife was caught in a lie on camera. Maybe a bunny with bad energy needs to be returned. All of this can make for a great reunion. But, unfortunately for Real Housewives Of Atlanta, we mostly got the re-hashing part and it dragged on unnecessarily for three episodes.

Sure, Cynthia Bailey was confronted by Andy Cohen about having her pandemic wedding, and Kenya Moore spoke about her decision to wear a Native American “costume” for Halloween. But, for the most part, it was just repetitive arguing about stale storylines, like whether Porsha Williams had sex with Bolo the stripper and whatever the heck that Prophett Lott storyline was supposed to be.

We did learn something, though: Maybe all of these women don’t need to return for another season…

Let’s see who should definitely be back for Season 14 and who maybe needs some time off after their reunion performance.

8. Cynthia

Image: Bravo

This may surprise you, but yes, Cynthia was at the reunion. Other than briefly commenting on her wedding and sticking by her decision to hold it indoors during a pandemic, she may not have said another word. I love Cynthia and so I cannot comfortably say that she should not return as a Housewife — especially during a season that was clearly affected by the pandemic. But, if we are basing this purely on what happened at the reunion, well, she was the definition of “go girl, give us nothing.”

7. Shamea

Image: Bravo

I had high hopes for Shamea. She really got involved this season, and I was wondering if her peach was finally on its way. Unfortunately, she didn’t really do too much at the reunion. She got in some digs at Marlo and had that awkward moment at the end where she spoke out about not being Porsha’s lapdog, but we didn’t get much else. I would be presently surprised to see Shamea get a promotion, but if we’re basing things on the reunion, that wouldn’t happen.

6. LaToya

Image: Bravo

As messy as she was, going into the reunion it already felt like LaToya probably wouldn’t be coming back. Even though she was introduced by Kandi Burruss, she was really only friends with Kenya and even they were on rocky ground after Kenya admitted she had a crush on her and LaToya gossiped about Kenya’s marriage to her enemies.

And at the reunion, LaToya didn’t do anything to change my mind. When she casually declared that she was cool with Drew and that they could move on, that was the nail in the coffin. She was not fussed at all about her main source of drama and seemed to just not care.

5. Drew

Image: Bravo

Oh, Drew. What are we going to do with you? Drew was an enjoyable addition throughout the season, until we got to the finale and she was trying so hard with those White Elephant gifts and the Prophet Lott storyline.

I was hoping that she would course correct at the reunion and tone things back down. Instead, she continued to harp on about the prophet and, apparently, had her assistant deliver vitamin C to LaToya’s dressing room because she was sick. (They never fully explained that one.)

Drew also kept inserting herself into the Porsha and Kenya drama, and even threw this line at Kenya: “When I was little, I literally watched you on TV.” Now, that is extremely shady, so I give her props for that. A real A+ for effort here, but I think she — and viewers — are still adjusting to how she fits into the group. I say give her a second season.

4. Kandi

Image: Bravo

The primary rivalry at this reunion was the one between Porsha and Kenya, which spans years, all the way back to both of them joining the show in Season 5. We’ll dive further into their roles at the reunion shortly, but Kandi also provided something that Porsha vs. Kenya gave us: Housewives history.

Drew and LaToya brought new drama this season, but the Real Housewives franchise thrives on its stars’ history with each other. Kandi, the longest serving RHOA cast member, brings that continuity that we need. After her relationship with Porsha was called out by Marlo Hampton, Kandi was able to delve into her fraught past with Porsha, involving the horrible lies she spread with Phaedra Parks in Season 9.

Being a long-time Housewife also meant that Kandi had no problem talking back to Andy, telling him at one point, “Watch your tone” when he asked a question sent in from a fan.

3. Marlo

Image: Bravo

Marlo delivered as much as — or more than — the official Housewives this season, and that continued into the reunion. When things were getting very repetitive between Kenya and Porsha regarding Bolo, Marlo added more layers by talking about what the situation meant for her relationships with Kenya and Porsha, and she was the one who brought Kandi into the mix.

Fans have been saying it for years, but give Marlo a peach. This reunion was still pretty meh overall, but Marlo did her best to help.

2. Kenya

Image: Bravo

No one was more involved in this reunion than Kenya, and that includes the person in the number one spot. Kenya spoke about her marriage, her offensive costume, her relationship with LaToya, her relationship with Marlo, the drama about her baby coming on the cast trip, and, of course, her rivalry with Porsha and the Bolo situation.

She also did a fantastic impression of Tanya Sam and delivered this perfect line to Kandi regarding a stripper coming on the trip, but not her baby: “You arranged to have a whole dick in a box come.”

Should Kenya come back? Based on this reunion, it’s undeniable. But, there is a major reason she’s not in the number one spot.

1. Porsha

Image: Bravo

During part three of the reunion, Porsha tells Kenya, “You look ridiculous and you look obsessed.” And she’s right. I do not actually believe that Kenya is obsessed with Porsha. I think she’s doing her best to make good TV and felt that coming after Porsha for supposedly doing it with a stripper was the way to go. As Kenya said herself, “It’s my right to exploit what they do in a cast house for a reality TV show.”

The issue is, nothing Kenya says sticks to Porsha, because she truly doesn’t care. Sometimes when a Housewife won’t budge, it’s annoying, because what are we even doing here if the Housewife won’t participate? But, in the case of Kenya vs. Porsha RHOA Season 13, Porsha standing her ground is exactly the right move.

Kenya looks desperate and is left to argue the logistics of reality TV, while Porsha gets to say lines like “I would love for you to not be in my panties” and take a literal victory lap around the stage. Porsha should return and hold the middle peach once again.

Image: Bravo

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