Porsha Williams' Fight With Kenya & Marlo Is Exactly What Makes Her A Great 'Housewife'

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Porsha Williams' Fight With Kenya & Marlo Is Exactly What Makes Her A Great 'Housewife'

There was a lot going on during Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. The women were caught without electricity in a New Orleans hotel during a hurricane. The presidential election was called for Joe Biden. Big Freedia made a guest appearance as a cooking class instructor and accidental conflict mediator. Kandi Burruss opened yet another restaurant. And, through it all, one Housewife came out on top: Porsha Williams. During the episode, she showed repeatedly why she deserved that middle peach this season.

Here is her tour de force from Season 13, Episode 16.

Fighting With Kenya and Marlo in New Orleans

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Everyone on the cast of RHOA gets along with Porsha right now except for Kenya Moore and, now, Marlo Hampton. So, Porsha is in a very solid place and not on the outskirts of the group — a good reason to get the middle Housewives peach/glass of champagne/diamond/whatever.

But, aside from that, this situation proves that it is possible to be on good terms with both Porsha and Kenya — just ask Kandi and Cynthia Bailey. Unfortunately for Marlo, she doesn’t seem to understand that. Now that she’s healed her relationship with Kenya, she’s joined Miss Moore’s campaign to reveal that Porsha had sex with Bolo the stripper. Meanwhile, everyone else is just like, “Who cares. Please, god, let this storyline end.”

Marlo says that she just doesn’t want to be friends with liars, and clearly, either Kenya or Porsha is one based on what they're telling her.

This all leads up to a big fight at — where else — dinner. Porsha’s standout moment with Marlo is when she says, “You do not fuck with me” in a variety of different intonations. (“You do not fuck with me!!” “You do not fuck with me.” “You do not fuck with me.”)

Kenya stands by her mission to out Porsha for being with Bolo, because she believes if she was the one who banged Bolo someone would come after her.

Everyone wonders what difference it makes whether someone slept with a stripper, and eventually Porsha just starts saying, extremely sarcastically, that she did do everything Kenya is saying. “Ooh, I fucked Bolo. I fucked everybody at the bachelorette party. It was so good. Oooh, Bolo,” she says. “Now what, bitch? Now what?” It’s very much Bethenny Frankel “mention it all!” energy.

“My calmness was sending her up the river,” Porsha says in her confessional. “She was ready to jump off a cliff because I was not reacting how she’s used to me reacting.” Remember, these two once got into a physical fight at a reunion. Porsha is thrilled that Kenya can’t get a reaction like that out of her anymore.

Leaving the Trip and Still Being the Topic of Conversation

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You are in good standing on this show if you can not even be present and still be the one everybody is talking about. Without any fanfare Porsha left the New Orleans trip early and fled the scene before the hurricane hit. But, everyone was talking about her — and still hoping that Kenya would stop bringing up that damn bachelorette party.

Talking About Politics

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As Porsha says in her tagline, she may be social distancing, but she’s here for social justice. Her participation in the Black Lives Matter movement, particularly when it comes to fighting for justice for Breonna Taylor, has really shaped this season of RHOA and made her one of the more dynamic Housewives in any franchise.

We got a little bit more of this side of Porsha during this episode when she visited Cynthia's house and they talked about the presidential election being over. They talked about how Georgia voted blue, and Porsha pointed out that the state would still be in the news with its senate runoff races coming up.

“Georgia’s turning blue, baby,” Porsha says in her confessional. “I never thought I’d see the day. I’m so blessed to even be a part of the people who are trying to help.” She adds, “I’m so thankful for our hero Stacey Abrams, who is leading the pack."

Porsha then suggests that Cynthia sell flip flops with Georgia on them about Georgia flipping to blue in a reference to this moment. Not as inspirational, but a good callback nonetheless.

Promoting Black-Owned Businesses

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Sometimes it just really stands out that Atlanta does a lot more than the other franchises in the real-world sense. After their conversation about the election, Cynthia and Porsha film an Instagram video about pop-up shops to support small Black businesses during the pandemic. It’s a worthy cause. And, on a more reality-show-drama note, it’s also yet another reminder that you can be friends with Porsha and Kenya, Marlo.

This Quote About Hurt People Hurting Her

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After recording the Instagram video, Cynthia and Porsha talk about the situation with Marlo, and how Porsha is no longer interested in trying to have a friendship with her. “I think Marlo is in a lot of pain,” Cynthia says.

“Girl, these girls’ so damn painful after they hurt somebody else, I can’t even stand it,” Porsha responds. “If one more hurt person hurts me and tells me that that’s why they hurt me, I am going to kill myself.”

The quote might go “hurt people, hurt people,” but Porsha takes it to the next level here. It’s pretty dramatic, but it also totally nails a lot of what happens on this show.

Making Faces While Sitting Next to Mama Joyce

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At the opening of Kandi and husband Todd Tucker’s new restaurant, Blaze, the whole group is already sitting down outside when Marlo arrives. And Porsha is not a fan of Marlo’s casual “Hey, P!” when she gets there.

“You want to act like we didn’t have this blow up in New Orleans and you didn’t call me a Samuel L. Jackson ‘motherfucker,’” Porsha says in her confessional. “No, girl, get out my face.” This is edited with clips of Porsha making a series of annoyed faces and flipping her hair while sitting next to Kandi’s mom. Something about her being with Mama Joyce really makes the moment. Those two have come a long way, too.

Porsha is in a position right now where she’s pretty much untouchable — and you can really tell that she knows it. That’s the level a Housewives ego should be when they are holding that middle peach on their own.

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