The 'RHOA' Reunion Trailer Takes On Strippergate & Tampa

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The 'RHOA' Reunion Trailer Takes On Strippergate & Tampa

There may not be any strippers invited to this event, but you can bet the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 reunion episode is going to bring the drama. Fans got a first look at the 50 Shades of Grey-themed reunion in the first trailer, released on Thursday, April 15. And let's just say, from Kandi Burruss' dominatrix getup to Drew Sidora and Porsha Williams' teary confrontation, there's a lot going on.

The three-part reunion promises to tackle all the major moments of the season. Strippergate will be discussed, Kenya will have to answer for her rumor-spreading ways, and it looks like Drew might reach a breaking point. Of course, there's definitely plenty more going on than what's seen in the trailer. LaToya barely says anything in the promo, but Kandi already teased that fans should expect an argument between LaToya and Drew. With that in mind, here are the most dramatic moments from the RHOA Season 13 trailer.

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Andy Cohen Can't Hear Himself Think

Image: Bravo

TV gods, please grant me the patience of Andy Cohen attempting to moderate a Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, sitting in a dungeon, with nothing but some cue cards and a bottle of water by his side.

Kenya & Drew Have A Sing-Off

Image: Bravo

You can practically feel the tension radiating off Kenya when she begins to sing after the group joins together in prayer, only for Drew to jump in. If looks could kill...

Kenya Has Some Things To Say

Image: Bravo

Kenya yelling "Have you decided to be better, though?" to Porsha might be the funniest thing she has ever said, but her assertion in the trailer that Drew's family isn't under the same roof because "your baby daddy is under the roof of a jail" really takes the cake. Not only is it a low blow, it's also a very lyrically constructed burn.

Drew's Breakdown

Image: Bravo

The most emotional moment in the trailer comes courtesy of Drew, after she breaks down in tears to tell Kenya how disappointed she is in her as "a responsible woman on this platform." Dramatic piano music plays in the background to set the mood.

Kenya's response: "Nice try Drew, but I call bullshit." Yikes.

What Happened To Ralph?

Image: Bravo

Cohen literally asks for a drumroll before asking Drew's husband Ralph Pittman what he was doing in Tampa when he disappeared from production. I, too, would like to know what you were doing, Ralph.

Marlo Calls Out Someone's "Lies"

Image: Bravo

When the trailer turns to strippergate, Marlo is quick to defend her part in spreading rumors that Porsha may have hooked up with Bolo the stripper. She seems to suggest Kandi is the one who told her all about it, and calls out another Housewife's "lies."

Kandi Has No Regrets

Image: Bravo

Some of the Housewives seemed unhappy with the dungeon reunion theme, as it keeps the Bolo strippergate drama alive, but Kandi is clearly living her best life.

Porsha Will Not Be Shamed, But Will Take The Credit

Image: Bravo

Porsha is, of course, the center of attention. At one point, she even gets up from her seat to strut like she's on a runway, "Everything is because of Porsha," she declares. But then, there's a shift in tone when she seems to be defending her actions at Cynthia Bailey's Bachelorette party. "To bring four years ago today to try an add and condemn me with Bolo, because I'm a single fucking woman and I can do whatever I want," she says. When Porsha's right, she's right.

Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 13 reunion Part 1 airs Sunday, April 25.


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