The Biggest Predictions For 'Outlander' Season 6 From Fan Experts

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The Biggest Predictions For 'Outlander' Season 6 From Fan Experts

Outlander fans have had a lot of time to think about what will happen in Season 6... nearly two years in fact. But even with Diana Gabaldon's book series, promotional materials, and actor interviews as a guide, it's not easy to predict what will happen in Outlander Season 6. Yet, these Outlander fan experts were willing to be like the Brahan Seer and make some Season 6 guesses.

Although the Starz series follows Gabaldon's books as a template, there are always departures — some more unexpected than others. For instance, in Season 5, who could have predicted Brianna and Roger fighting off locusts at the Ridge instead of going to Aunt Jocasta's wedding? Or Roger picturing his hanging like a silent film? Or Claire finding refuge in a 1960s-inspired dreamscape during her assault?

Angela Hickey, a writer for Outlander Cast, does guess that there will be more "stylized cinematography and storytelling" in Season 6, which tracks with what showrunner Matthew B. Roberts told TV Guide Magazine. But when it comes to storylines, here's what some fans are foreseeing.

Warning: Book spoilers ahead.

1. Fergus Will Help Marsali Give Birth

"Fans of My Outlander Purgatory know what we mean when we refer to 'Fergus Lamaze' — it's a little way of Fergus helping Marsali out with childbearing that I have all my fingers crossed will make its way into Season 6!"

–Carol Stark, My Outlander Purgatory

2. Roger & Bree Will Find Their Place in the Past

"Roger and Bree made a huge decision about their future last season, so now they need to find their place, their purpose on the Ridge. Bree will certainly delve into futuristic creations, like matches. (Hopefully, no one thinks she's a witch, like her mother!) I think Roger will find his voice again this season, figuratively speaking. He's been lost since he arrived in the past, and I predict it will be Tom Christie — of all people — that sets him on the path to his true calling. I've been using the hashtag #SonOfAPreacherMan since last season, and I expect it will actually hold true as we delve into Season 6!"

–Jackie Merrell, Angus' Angels

3. Flora MacDonald's Barbecue & A Flashback Will Start The Season

"I predict the premiere episode will open with Flora MacDonald's party (blue house in the trailer). Jamie and Claire's attendance will be the reason that the Frasers won't be at the Ridge when the Christies show up, leaving Roger to interview them for tenancy. During Flora's party, we will see her story told in flashback (boat in Scotland from the new credit sequence), and viewers will get the bonus of seeing Andrew Gower in drag! Mark Me!"

–Angela Hickey, Outlander Cast and Queen Bee's Hive

4. Fergus & Marsali Will Leave The Ridge

"Due to the clip that was released showing Fergus having a crisis and possibly abusing Marsali after being unable able to protect her, my prediction is that we are going to see Marsali and Fergus leave the Ridge for work in a city (printing). A solution must be found because of his intrinsic inability to properly fit in on the Ridge."

–Desirre Andrews, A Dram of Outlander

5. Tom Christie Will Put A Strain On Claire & Jamie's Relationship

"It's no big prediction to say that the Christie family is going to play a big role in Season 6. But while the focus might be on the trouble Malva might cause, I don't think anyone should sleep on Tom Christie. Last season's kidnapping of Claire, and its effect on her relationship with Jamie, is still fresh in everyone's mind. I think Claire and Jamie are going to be tested — and Tom Christie might prove to be a wedge that divides them. It's going to be interesting to see how closely the show sticks to the books on that front."

–Tracey Randinelli, My Outlander Purgatory

6. Lizzie & The Beardsleys Will Enter A Love Triangle (Of Sorts)

"Season 6 will be jam-packed with so much drama that I predict they'll need to introduce a little lightness and humor. What better way to give us breathing space than to include some Lizzie, Jo, and Kezzie shenanigans? It's my favorite minor plot from A Breath of Snow and Ashes, and it certainly will counterbalance the heavy storylines in the same way the Rupert and Angus comedy duo did in Season 1."

–Cathie McQuistion of Cats and Kilts and Caitlin's Coterie

7. The Frenchman's Gold Won't Happen

"They likely won't use the Frenchman's gold at all. They're done. They've had their chance to develop that storyline and have only made it an Easter egg in a flashback while insinuating that they used it to buy and set up River Run. Trying to add it back now would take too much time. And it's already an abbreviated season. The time for Frenchman's gold has come and passed."

–Summer Reynolds, The Outlander Podcast

8. The Frenchman's Gold Will Happen

"My biggest guess is that they will bring the gold into this season. It's the one thing they haven't hinted at in the trailers so it's the riskiest of my guesses. I think this will involve building up the Bugs' characters, the theft of the gold at River Run, and the big reveal (when the house burns?) that Murdina has a bar of gold. The main reason I think we will get the gold story is that Arch Bug is the only real villain in An Echo in the Bone and therefore, Season 7. However, I don't think they'll go beyond discovering Arch Bug was the thief."

–Rita M., Outlander SoCal Edition

9. Allan Christie Will Play A Bigger Part Than He Did In the Books

"I believe the character of Allan Christie will take up more space than he does in the book. Alexander Vlahos is already a notable actor and I don't believe he would have been hired just to play a small part. If his fate will be the same in the show as in the book is a question. Nevertheless, I'm certain the Christies' storyline will be specific to this season, so I don't believe we will see Allan or Malva in further seasons."

–Lorenza V., I Have My Own Path To Follow

10. Tom Won't Sacrifice Himself For Claire

"They won't be able to include Tom's sacrifice because of how much they have to show leading up to it. For him to sacrifice himself for her (in the books, they had at least a year or more on the Ridge), it has to be believable and emotional. I think with an already truncated season it'll be hard to include all of Malva's story plus enough emotion with Tom plus everything after they arrest Claire. I think it's possible to keep the major points but challenging to convey deep enough experience in eight episodes to make it convincing that Tom truly has that strong a feeling for Claire that he'd sacrifice his life."

–Ginger Wiseman, The Outlander Podcast

Have any other predictions for Season 6? Share them in the comments!

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