Sam Heughan Celebrates 'Outlander's 7-Year Anniversary With Dead Bodies

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Sam Heughan Celebrates 'Outlander's 7-Year Anniversary With Dead Bodies

It feels like we've spent a lifetime with Claire and Jamie — and, I guess, technically, we kind of have — but it's actually been less than a decade. Sam Heughan celebrated Outlander's 7-year anniversary on Monday, Aug. 9, with some (fake) dead bodies. Because nothing says "our hit time-traveling drama show premiered 7 years ago today" like a couple of corpses, am I right?

Heughan, aka Jamie, the kilt-rocking dream boat that made a grown, 20th Century woman voluntarily live in the 1700s, shared a series of behind-the-scenes pics from Season 1 to mark the occasion, featuring his co-star Caitriona Balfe and a few special extras. And by "special extras," I mean terrifyingly detailed mannequin corpses. "After 7 years, looks like nothings changed," he wrote in part, "still learning my lines whilst Cait sleeps." The photos, which Entertainment Weekly identified as potentially from the filming of Season 1, Episode 15, when Claire ended up in a mass grave at Wentworth Prison, were apparently the earliest Heughan had on his phone. "I actually lost my phone on set in the prison whist filming the season 1 finale," he wrote.

Um...did he check the corpses? Cause based on the way that one guy is holding a coffee cup, it looks like he could easily have grabbed his phone.

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Seems like posting BTS photos with creepy mannequins is a bit of an Outlander tradition. In July, Paul Donnelly (aka Ronnie Sinclair) posted photos of a legitimately nightmare-inducing baby Jemmy doll to celebrate Caitlin O'Ryan's (Lizzie) birthday. I guess, you have to find fun where you can?

The 7-year-anniversary comes as fans desperately await Season 6, which is set to premiere sometime in 2022. Unfortunately, due to COVID, Outlander Season 6 will be shorter than usual with only 8 episodes. I just hope these creepy corpses don't appear in ANY of them.


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