The 'Heart Of Lightness' & 'Outlander' Connections Are All Thanks To Sam Heughan

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The 'Heart Of Lightness' & 'Outlander' Connections Are All Thanks To Sam Heughan

Sam Heughan is many things — an actor, producer, fitness philanthropist, and whisky entrepreneur. But Sam Heughan, the casting director? Well, in a recent podcast, actor Rosie Day remembered how Heughan may have had a hand in helping her get cast as Mary Hawkins in Outlander. As she told Just the Facts host Alex Zane, Heughan mentioned how she'd be a great fit for the character while they were working on a film together. But Day wasn't the only actor on that Norwegian film set that Heughan hooked up with an Outlander role.

According to Day on the July 27 episode of Just the Facts, Heughan had been cast on Outlander and had just finished reading Dragonfly in Amber when they were working together on a movie in the Lofoten Islands. If you're familiar with Heughan's pre-Outlander acting résumé, then you know the movie was 2014's Heart of Lightness. On the set of Heart of Lightness, Heughan mentioned that if Outlander got a Season 2, there'd be a character that Day would "play so well."

"Cut to, I think it was about 18 months later, I was playing that character," Day said. "And he swears he had nothing to do with that decision, but I don't know." Day told a similar version of her casting to Vulture in 2016, saying, "So it's kind of because of Sam that I'm here."

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