'Never Have I Ever' Season 3 Predictions, From Hookups To Cameos

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'Never Have I Ever' Season 3 Predictions, From Hookups To Cameos

Dear Mindy Kaling, consider this my formal request for longer seasons of Never Have I Ever. 10 episodes is simply not enough. That said, if Netflix insists on keeping the episode count low, then I have a few ideas that need to be included in Never Have I Ever Season 3. And, don't worry, they don't all involve Paxton taking his shirt off and sanding furniture. (Though, I mean, I guess they could.)

Never Have I Ever has yet to officially been renewed, but I am fairly confident that it will be. If only because I will die in a puddle of hot dad-induced tears if it is not. (The way he says "P.F. Chang's" is AN ATTACK.) And now that Devi and Paxton are officially dating, Never Have I Ever is going to enter into new territory: what does Devi in a relationship really look like? Here are some NHIE Season 3 predictions that might help answer that question and more.

Paxton & Devi Will Have Sex


Not to overly sexualize teenagers, but it feels like all of Never Have I Ever has been leading up a moment where Devi might actually feel comfortable having sex with Paxton. It was her entire goal at the beginning of the series, and, if these two actually manage to stay together for long enough, I think it would be nice and full-circle for her to actually have that dream come true.

Paxton, Devi, Ben, & Aneesa Will Double Date


Devi is always looking for ways to prove how mature she is, and one of those ways absolutely will be going on a double date with Aneesa and Ben. And it will be a DISASTER. (Personally, I'd love for Ben's jealousy to be the one to fuck it up for once, not Devi's hot-headed tendencies. That last scene in Season 2 definitely proved that Ben still has feelings for Devi, and it would be great to see the tables turn in their relationship.)

Kamala Will Date Manish Kulkarni


Kamala reached a major turning point this season when she actually took advice from Devi and stood up for herself at work. And her rebellious streak continued when she walked out of her very obvious proposal dinner to go hang out with Manish (Devi's hot teacher) instead. It looks like she's going to continue taking a page out of Devi's book next season and really try to figure out how to live her life on her terms, and hopefully that will include dating Manish.

Aneesa Backstory


Never Have I Ever Season 2 ended with Aneesa and Ben together, and her patching up her friendship with Devi. But what struck me was the way Ben looked at her after she butchered their mock trial for English class. He seemed completely baffled by her mediocre performance, and something tells me that's going to be a bigger problem for the couple moving forward. It also felt like Aneesa had a major crisis of confidence, which I think could definitely have to do with her past trauma. Hopefully Season 3 can dive deeper into Aneesa's past and her academic life.

Devi & Her Mom Bonding

Image: Netflix

Devi and her mom will definitely hit a rough patch if/when Nalini finds out about Devi and Paxton. It's especially interesting given Nalini's Season 2 dating storyline, which ended with her deciding she wasn't ready to get back out there so soon after her husband's death. I'd love to see Nalini and Devi both have their own dating dramas next season, and even bond over it.

More POVs


This isn't so much a prediction as much as it is a wishlist: we need more POV episodes. o far, Ben and Paxton have both gotten their own episodes, complete with celebrity narrators, and here are a few I'd like to see in the coming seasons:

  • A Trent Episode: Reddit user jessataura posted in the Never Have I Ever subreddit that they hoped Season 3 would include a Trent episode, and honestly, yes, I want it. Especially if he starts a relationship with Eleanor (which, again, is something I definitely want). I personally think Seth Rogen or Dave Franco could nail the narration, unless the show wants to show a surprising side to Trent and get a narrator who is known for being an intellectual.
  • A Kamala Episode: I think a Kamala episode could be really fun, especially as she starts to develop more independence. Obviously, Priyanka Chopra would narrate.
  • A Fabiola Episode: Fabiola's coming out was a big storyline in Season 1, but her struggle with not feeling culturally "gay" enough in Season 2 wasn't really given a lot of depth. I'd love to see more of her learning to balance all the facets of her identity with a personalized episode. Her robot Gears can narrate!
  • A Nalini Episode: This is one I think we're most likely to get next season, especially as Nalini and Devi continue to grow closer. My dream narrator for this would be Mindy Kaling.
  • An Eleanor Episode: Last, but not least, Eleanor definitely deservers her own episode, preferably one that focuses on her acting career (and, as noted above, her budding relationship with Trent). I could see a theater star doing Eleanor's narration — think Mandy Patinkin or Bernadette Peters.


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