Trent & Eleanor Are The Most Genius Pairing On 'Never Have I Ever' Yet

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Trent & Eleanor Are The Most Genius Pairing On 'Never Have I Ever' Yet

In the words of Trent, noice job Never Have I Ever! I did not see a Trent and Eleanor pairing coming, but when the unlikely duo hit the dance floor at the winter formal their chemistry was palpable. On the surface, these two are total opposites, but in retrospect, the potential for them to be the show's most genius pairing has always been there.

Now, I don't want to get ahead of myself, because so far Trent and Eleanor have only shared one adorable slow dance. But let's face it, I'm already writing an overly dramatic fanfic for the pairing in my head. The thing is, these two actually have quite a lot in common. Even though Trent is your typical stoner dude bro who eats edibles and thinks hitting Paxton in the crotch is the pinnacle of comedy, he's got some hidden depths.

Throughout Season 2, Trent makes some truly enlightened comments. In fact, he even stands up for Eleanor way back in episode two when Devi tries to blame her pal for wanting an all girls going away party. "Whoa, don't be so tough on Eleanor!" he says to Devi. "Women should support other women. What else did we march for?" That's some pretty sneaky foreshadowing right there.

Later on in the season, Trent goes on to reveal an interest in classic cinema when he drops a reference to the 1960 Billy Wilder film The Apartment. That's a very Eleanor move, and it's certainly not one I expected from Trent, but hey, he clearly has layers. And those layers just so happen to compliment Eleanor's dramatic side.

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