This Is The Pro/Con List Paxton & Ben Deserve On 'Never Have I Ever'

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This Is The Pro/Con List Paxton & Ben Deserve On 'Never Have I Ever'

There's nothing better than a good old-fashioned pro and con list to help a gal make a tough decision, like say, choosing between the hottest boy in school and the cute nerd you have smoking hot chemistry with. It's for that reason I'm in full support of Devi breaking out her best notecards and cork board to break down her boyfriend dilemma in Never Have I Ever Season 2. However, when it comes to the pros and cons of dating Paxton and Ben, I feel like Devi could have dug a little bit deeper.

In the season premiere, Devi, Eleanor, and Fabiola set up their own version of a think tank to decide which boy Devi should date. But in true Devi fashion, her decision boils down to impulse when she opts for dating Paxton and Ben until she moves to India (spoiler alert: she's not moving to India). Still, even though she decides not to choose between the guys, viewers still get an idea of how she feels about both boys thanks to her pro/con lists.

On the Ben side, it's clear she has an emotional attachment to her nemesis turned boyfriend. Under pros, she writes: "smart," "challenging," and "hella rich," but she's also realistic about the challenges they could face as a couple. In his con section, Ben gets: "kind of a dick" and "past nemesis" (plus hairy forearms, but I don't feel like that's not a deal-breaker).

Meanwhile, Devi's interests in Paxton appear to be purely carnal. His positives are "face 100," "body 100," "really popular," and "prolly good at sex." In his cons, she points out they don't have much in common, Trent "stoinks," and Paxton is bad at school. It's all very surface level stuff, and I feel like an A+ student like Devi could have been so much more thorough had she put in the emotional work.

But since I know she's in a weird place in her life, I'm willing to help her out by making the pro/con lists these two boys deserve.

Ben's Pros:

  • Lets Devi stay in his house when she's on the outs with her mom.
  • Knows when to loop in Eleanor and Fab to help Devi see how important her family connections are.
  • Challenges Devi to always stay at the top of her game.
  • Is willing to drop everything to drive her to Malibu.
  • Is hella funny.
  • Never takes Devi's outbursts personally.
  • Enjoys the finer things in life, but he's also down for a game of flip cup.
  • Understands and relates to Devi's love of learning.
  • Has major history with Devi, even if it is adversarial.
  • So. Much. Chemistry.

Ben's Cons:

  • Told Devi the true meaning of "U.N.", and not in a got your back way.
  • Tricks Devi into getting a nose piercing.
  • Can be super petty.
  • Has major insecurity issues that he needs to work on before he can be a good partner.
  • He and Devi argue constantly — and not always in a fun way.
  • Often gets personal with his insults.
  • Willing to date someone even though he knows they're just in it for his money.
  • Is kind of a suck up.

Paxton's Pros:

  • He's a terrific brother.
  • And an equally terrific grandson.
  • Checks on Devi after the coyote incident.
  • He's always there for his friends.
  • Willing to grow and change.
  • Calls Devi out when she crosses the line (like when she lets her friends think they're sleeping together).
  • Is quick to forgive, even when Devi's antics inadvertently lead to him losing his chance at a swimming scholarship.
  • Really good at grand gestures (see his winter dance moves).
  • And yes, he is sexy AF.

Paxton's Cons:

  • Sometimes coasts by on his looks.
  • Coins the "Crazy Devi" nickname.
  • Let's his pride get in the way of his relationship with Devi.
  • Has no idea how to plan a date.
  • Takes advantage of Devi's crush on him.
  • Makes Devi do his classwork for him.
  • Has some serious insecurity issues about his smarts.
  • His friends really are super annoying.
  • He sucks at expressing himself.

So, Who Should Devi Choose?

Much like Devi, I hate making choices, and dating either guy will come with its own set of pros and cons. For that reason, I too am hedging my bets and recommending Devi date Paxton now (he's grown into perfect first boyfriend material), and Ben later (their relationship is going to be intense, and neither one of them is fully ready for that level of emotion just yet). Hey, she's in high school, there's no reason why she can't in squeeze in two messy, exciting relationships before heading to the Ivy League school of her choice.


Who Should Devi Choose In 'Never Have I Ever' Season 2 — Ben Or Paxton?

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