Is Dan Alive On 'Lucifer'? The Season 6 Trailer Confirms His Return

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Is Dan Alive On 'Lucifer'? The Season 6 Trailer Confirms His Return

The fabric of reality is falling apart, but have no fear, Dan Espinoza is here! That's right, our favorite Detective Douche may have died in Season 5, but Dan seems very alive in the Lucifer Season 6 trailer. Or, well, at the very least, he's present.

Dan's death in Season 5 was, without a doubt, the most heartbreaking thing Lucifer has ever done. But, based on the new trailer for Season 6, it looks like his death might not be as permanent as we once thought. Lucifer hasn't often done back-from-the-dead storylines — actual angels aside, the show has pretty hard limits when it comes to life and death (RIP Charlotte). But the events of the Season 5 finale — which saw Lucifer elected as God's successor — have thrown the universe out of whack.

In the first trailer for Lucifer's final season, the world is without a God. Lucifer hasn't taken the throne yet, and he's left Hell without a ruler, which seems to be causing some...glitches. (Literally, a woman flickers in and out of existence at one point.) "The laws of nature are breaking down," Ella says in the trailer, "And the apocalypse is nigh." But on the bright side: Dan's back!

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Dan first appears in the trailer in what appears to be the police station, but with lots of mood lighting that makes me think it's his Hell Loop. (Remember, Amenadiel confirmed that Dan was not in Heaven after his death.) Why Dan's Hell Loop would involve playing ping pong with an unnamed officer, I have no idea. But that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

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If this really is his Hell Loop, then it definitely looks like Dan is 100% dead. That is, until a few moments later, when he screams after Maze pulls out a severed head from her bag in the middle of the precinct. Maze directly responds to Dan in this scene, telling him, "Relax, dude, he was like that when I found him." So he's definitely there in some form.

Image: Netflix/YouTube

At first I thought perhaps Dan was a ghost that only Maze, a demon, could see, but then I watched the clip again focused on Ella's reaction. You can clearly see her jump in reaction to Dan's impressively high-pitched scream, which means she — a totally normal human — can also see and hear him. So... Dan's alive?

But wait, there's more! The next time we see Dan, he's diving head first straight through a new angel villain, Rory, who wants to destroy Lucifer.

Image: Netflix/YouTube

There are two options here: either Dan doesn't have a solid physical form, or Rory doesn't. If it's Dan, then that suggests he's stuck in some kind of limbo. Not quite dead, not quite alive. Whatever he is, at least he's back for the final season. I don't think I could handle watching Lucifer without him.

Lucifer Season 6 premieres on Netflix Sept. 10.


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