9 Theories  & Questions 'Lucifer' Season 6 Needs To Address

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9 Theories & Questions 'Lucifer' Season 6 Needs To Address

Warning: Spoilers for Lucifer Season 5B ahead.

I always suspected that God really was a former ruler of Hell who moonlights as an LAPD consultant, and now it's confirmed. Lucifer earned a promotion in the Season 5B finale, officially becoming the new God with the support of all of his siblings. But even with this relatively happy ending, Season 5B left me with some pretty big questions that Lucifer Season 6 needs to answer.

What does Lucifer being God mean? Is Trixie going to be OK? Is Lucifer ditching the police procedural for its final season? Season 6 will only have 10 episodes, and they better include the answer to all of these questions left by Season 5B.

What does being God even mean?


Now that Lucifer has the job, what exactly does that entail? Before defeating Michael and getting the title, Lucifer told Chloe that once he was God, he could eliminate world hunger, take away pain, but if there's anything we learned from actually meeting God this season, it's that this is absolute bullshit. There are limits even to the greatest power, and no one — not even God — can be in two places at once, making a utopia pretty much impossible. So, if he can't cure cancer or stop a global pandemic, what can God do? More importantly, what will Lucifer need to do as God?

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