How Dan's Fate In 'Lucifer' Could Impact Season 6

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How Dan's Fate In 'Lucifer' Could Impact Season 6

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Lucifer Season 5B. Do not read unless you have watched or simply just do not care.

So, that just happened. In what is undoubtedly the most devastating twist Lucifer has ever done, Dan died in Season 5's penultimate episode, leaving Trixie without a dad, and me with my tears. But after I got over the shock, I realized that Dan's death could mean big things for Lucifer Season 6, and as long as it means we haven't seen the last of Detective Douche, I'm willing to see what happens.

I'm not going to lie, Dan getting shot by gangsters in "Is This Really How It's Going To End?!" was a punch to the gut. After everything Dan has been through, all the heartbreak, the grief, the gaslighting — not to mention putting up with Lucifer's ridiculous antics — he deserved to have a happy ending. Which is why I'm still holding out hope that he can get one in Season 6. And here's a few theories on how I think he can do it.

A Miracle

If Lucifer really is God now, then he might be able to perform some kind of miracle to bring Dan back from the dead. Granted, Lucifer heavily implied that, even as God, he wouldn't be able to bring the detective back, but that was before he actually grabbed the title. Now that he's been elected God, who knows what kind of knowledge he'll gain. Maybe there's a God handbook somewhere that holds some mortality secrets.

Go For It
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