Everything Aaron & Lucinda Have Said About Their Relationship Outside The 'Love Island' Villa

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Everything Aaron & Lucinda Have Said About Their Relationship Outside The 'Love Island' Villa

I was rooting hard for Brad McClelland and Lucinda Stratford in the early days of Love Island, but once Lucinda got over crying for a man she barely knew, it was time to move on. And move on she did! Being free from Brad allowed her to realize that all of the eye-flirting she and Aaron were doing (so he said) might amount to actual love. They almost made it, too, despite a rocky start at PDA and some drama with Danny Tibby, but then were booted from the villa together.

Initially, both contestants said they were happy to do the exit interviews and follow ups in the U.K. together and explore a relationship on the outside. In her eviction interview, via Digital Spy, Lucinda said that she "definitely" wanted to keep things going and that Brad leaving let her see Aaron in a different way.

But that might have just been leftover iced coffee jitters, as it seems things have quickly fizzled out in the days since they've departed Majorca. FYI, the rest of this piece contains quotes from interviews they did in the U.K. where the show is already lightyears ahead of what you might be watching on Hulu, so beware of possible spoilers.

Someone doesn't look convinced

Despite their best intentions, things just aren't the same now that they're not spending day after day together half naked. Lucinda told MailOnline, "Unfortunately, both of us didn't find actual love in the villa. We're great friends, I know that I can come to him for anything." She added, "It was weird, Aaron and I were at the airport, and we were like, we don't even have each other's numbers. We were hugging goodbye and thought we need to exchange numbers."

'We've kept in contact, we're both in isolation, and there has been a couple of messages here and there. We did like each other in the villa, which was quite obvious, but we were only coupled up for a few days," Lucinda added.

In a joint interview on British talk show Lorraine, she reconfirmed that any chance at romance was dead in the water. For his part, Aaron was apparently just bummed that he didn't have a shot at Casa Amor. Swerved again!

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Meanwhile, Lucinda and Brad have been spotted out and about together now that she's out of isolation (please note the lack of masks in a shopping mall, smh). At least two times according to Twitter, suggesting that they really do get along.

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Aaron must be fuming he didn't play the game right. It seems like everyone is on good terms, though, as Lucinda has been posting Tik Toks joking around about being in a post-villa love triangle with Aaron and Brad.

So, Aaron and Lucinda were NOT meant to be and all I can say, realllyyyyyy.... is that I told you so.

Images: ITV

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