Let's Relive Aaron Getting Swerved Again & Again On ‘Love Island’

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Let's Relive Aaron Getting Swerved Again & Again On ‘Love Island’

Remember when Lucinda Stratford was impressed with the Love Island boys' misplaced confidence? Sure, she was talking about their barista skills, but this particular group of men continue to do things that make it very clear that their perception of reality is a little off. Case in point: Aaron Francis trying kiss Lucinda now that Brad McClelland left her in the villa to pursue her reality star dreams. Although he didn't make contact with her, he did manage to rile Danny Bibby, whom she is coupled up with, into a temper tantrum, which might have been his real goal all along. Because boys can be catty, too.

Aaron was not happy when new guy Danny picked Lucinda at the recoupling ceremony just when he was about to make his move on her himself. Lucinda does seem into Aaron and told him as much on the beanbags, saying that they can couple up together next time. And then, Aaron makes his move, and it might be the one time I am actually laughing along with Hugo Hammond.

They Know Danny Is Watching

First, they move from the swing to the beanbags because they felt Danny watching from one of the couches. So obviously, sitting right smack in the middle of the yard, where people have a 360 degree view of you is a more private place to have this conversation.

Like, He's RIGHT There

Danny is likely close enough to even hear murmurs of their convo, as Aaron points out that Lucinda is really bad at whispering.

Look, That's Exactly What He Says

"Are you going to try to whisper? Because I know you're not very good at it," Aaron says and she doesn't even miss a beat.

Lucinda Reassures Aaron

Lucinda admits that in her heart, around the fire pit, she realized she was hoping that Aaron would pick her. Alas, Danny went before him. Still, the two agree that it's "not that deep" and that they can wait.

He Lays Out His POA

Although everyone else is seemingly having their own convos and all that, they're all always watching each other, and Aaron knows exactly what he's doing.

Lucinda Sort Of Kind Of Says No


He Goes In


Hilarity Ensues

Five words you never want someone to say to you sexually? Why. Are. You. Doing. This.

It's All Fun & Games

Oh, Lucinda.

He Gets Properly Roasted


Lucinda Has To Calm Danny Down

Danny of course, is not pleased, and is "properly fuming," because even thought it's a game about coupling up with people and wheeling and dealing to do it, Danny feels some sort of way about Lucinda.

He Can't Take The Joke

Talk about a red flag. Instead of acknowledging that Aaron made a complete ass of himself, Danny makes himself look like a proper jerk by not laughing it off. Man left his beanbag, bruv. It's not that deep.

The Best Part?

Please do.

Images: iTV

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