Brad & Lucinda's "Incompatible" Vote On 'Love Island' Is, Frankly, Just Wrong

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Brad & Lucinda's "Incompatible" Vote On 'Love Island' Is, Frankly, Just Wrong

Sometimes, people are just made for each other. And on Love Island Season 7, I really thought that Brad McClelland and Lucinda Stratford were going to go all the way. Apparently, the British public did not, as they were voted one of the villa's most incompatible couples, so maybe they saw something I didn't? Were Lucinda's reallyyyyy's not as amusing to them as they were to me? Was Brad's blatant sexual attraction to Lucinda too hot for TV?

When Lucinda walked into the villa, Brad's head wasn't just turned — he nearly broke his neck. And Lucinda was equally into Brad right off the bat as well. The chemistry was real, and while that's not the only thing necessary for a relationship, it kind of also is on this show, and these two wanted to rip each other's clothes off right then and there. "It's just the tan and everything, the eyes, wow," Lucinda says in the beach hut when she arrives. Adorable.

Of course he doesn't. 

They are also both kind of... aloof, which means that while it might be hard to hold a conversation with them either one of them alone, together, they just make sense! I don't make the rules!

Even the fact that Brad knew immediately after the vote that Lucinda wanted to stay in the villa a little longer in the name of eventually being an Instagram influencer (OK, they didn't say that out loud, but we know it's true, right?) was pretty darn romantic (unless my romance bar is as low as Chloe Barrows' is for melon breakfasts). He just got her.

I'm a little bummed that these two won't get to mumble nonsense to each other on the daybed for the rest of the season and I definitely no longer trust the Brits to make these sort of important decisions going forward.

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