What Does The Iced Coffee On 'Love Island' Taste Like?

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What Does The Iced Coffee On 'Love Island' Taste Like?

One way the men of Love Island show that they're interested in a woman is to make her breakfast or bring her a tea or coffee in the morning. It's a sweet gesture, one that Brad McClelland and Hugo Hammond made first thing for new girls Millie Court and Lucinda Strafford.

The boys delivered two iced coffees to the women as they sat on the terrace, promising the women that they made it with oat milk. But something must have been off about that oat milk, or it was some other sort of dairy product in the iced coffee because as soon as she took a sip, Millie said that it tasted "really fucking weird." It must have, too, because Lucinda started laughing, though she didn't trash Brad's iced coffee making ability.

Like what though? 

What could it taste like? It couldn't have been THAT bad, as Millie leaned in again for a second and third sip, just to confirm that it was, in fact, fucking weird and, as she put it, "rank."

Lucinda was characteristically sweet, and saw the boys' gesture as a sign that they had self confidence, albeit misplaced. She found the rank coffee endearing and continued to sip on. Poor girl.

The bar must be pretty low in the villa if a shitty iced coffee is a sign of a man who knows what he wants and gets it. We've all probably had one or two bad iced coffees in our life time — too much milk, not enough, or the coffee is bitter and some idiot put sugar instead of simple syrup in i — and it really can mess up your entire day. I can't imagine having to chat with some of these guys in the villa all day after having a "rank" and "fucking weird" iced coffee to start. Then again, maybe Brad made a better cup of joe than Hugo did for Millie.

Is this why all the women also pretend they aren't breakfast people when the boys offer to make them some eggs and toast? I have so many questions about this kitchen and what these people eat and drink all day.

Hopefully Liam knows how to whip up a proper iced coffee for her.

Images: ITV

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