Shayne & Natalie's 'Love Is Blind' Wedding Was A Total, Toxic Disaster

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Shayne & Natalie's 'Love Is Blind' Wedding Was A Total, Toxic Disaster

In all my years as a reality television fan, I have seen a lot of messy shit. But Shayne Jensen and Natalie Lee's wedding on Love Is Blind Season 2 truly might have been the most chaotic thing my eyeballs have ever seen. Natalie accepted Shayne's proposal sight unseen, but she also didn't see his deranged behavior in the pods, like wooing Shaina Hurley by asking for her outfit deets and throwing a legit temper tantrum when she admitted to him that she had feelings for him. Viewers knew it, and it was only a matter of time before poor Natalie would get to see just what a disaster Shayne truly is.

Their wedding was equally disastrous, with Shayne showing up hungover (or maybe still drunk), after having been up all night with his bride-to-be fighting. He snaps at a producer — "you wanna talk about the fight now?!" — all while still claiming that he loves Natalie and wants to spend the rest of his life with her? But do you, Shayne? You'd think you'd comb your hair for your nuptials if that were the case.

The entire segment was cringier than when Sal Perez serenaded Mallory Zappata and told her that she was like "salsa." But if you have the stomach for it, let's relive this disaster of a wedding moment by sweaty moment.

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