'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Cast Instagrams (Because We Need Live Updates)

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'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Cast Instagrams (Because We Need Live Updates)

A new group of singles has descended into the pods of Love Is Blind Season 2, and they might actually be quirkier and more dramatic than the Love Is Blind cast of the first season. You have to be a little off of your rocker to decide to date, and possibly get engaged to, someone without ever seeing their face, but seeing as there are couples from the Netflix dating series' first season that are still blissfully married...maybe these people are onto something. Think about it: The Bachelor has been on for over a decade and boasts the same success rate, so these singles might actually have the right idea.

Although they start with 30 singles, all hailing from the Chicago area this time around, the strongest couples in the pod-house start to emerge early on in the first batch of episodes Netflix dropped on February 11. Now that they've successfully paired up and made it to Mexico, it only remains to be seen who will make it through to the wedding day finale. Until the next episodes drop on February 18, enjoy Insta-stalking these couples to see what they're like outside of this insane experiment.

Warning: Spoilers for the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2.

Danielle Ruhl

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Danielle, a 29-year-old marketing director, came onto the show to battle some of her insecurities and try dating men who would be forced to love her for who she is, and not based on her looks. And she finds it right off of the bat with Nick, though it's unclear if her lack of confidence and anxiety will get in the way of walking down the aisle.

Shake Chatterjee

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While he comes off as sort of a jerk when he asks women in the pods if he could "carry them on his shoulders" at a music festival (a sneaky way of asking about their weight), Shake quickly shows that there's a to more to him. The DJ and vet posts often on Instagram, whether it's "comedy" like the above video, pics of the animals he works with, or photos of him partying with his friends, it seems like whatever happened on Love Is Blind Season 2 is well behind him these days.

Iyanna McNeeley

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Iyanna isn't all that active on social media, but once she wins over fans with her sincerity, that is definitely going to change.

Natalie Lee

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While she eventually ends up with Shayne, Natalie finds herself in a love triangle right from the jump. She seems so responsible and mature, it's going to be fun to see how long she and Shayne, who is seemingly more outgoing, actually last.

Nick Thompson

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Nick falls fast for Danielle, but his penchant for homemade toothpaste is an early sign that they might not share a whole lot in common. His Insta bio even goes as far to profess his passion for living a non-GMO life, so this is basically his entire personality. Oh, there are also adorable pics of his pup, too.

Deepti Vempadi

Deeps becomes the first Indian woman that Shake has ever dated and while trouble seems to be brewing between them by the time they get to Mexico, these two might have what it takes to really last.

Salvador Perez

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Mallory ultimately ends up with Sal after she turns Jarrette down in the pods. The musician seems like a calm, cool, and collected partner for her. But a forever match? Maybe not.

Jarrette Jones

Jarrette initially chose to propose to Mallory but had to go with his number two choice, Iyanna, after she declined. That can't feel great.

Shaina Hurley

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Shaina introduces herself as a hairstylist and influencer who has a ton of Instagram followers, but as of the premiere of Love Is Blind, she has just under 3,000, which... I'm sorry, is not a lot. Then again, given the way she behaves come Mexico, that number should grow in no time. Mission accomplished, Shaina!

Shayne Jansen

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Shayne comes off like a total tool while he manages his own love triangle between Natalie and Shaina, but he might not be such a bad guy, after all.

Kyle Abrams

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Kyle is left high and dry in Mexico when it turns out that Shaina doesn't want to sleep with an atheist on the first night. No matter how it ends up with her, he's sure to draw in a whole bunch of new followers who are sympathetic to his cause.

Mallory Zapata

[rich Embed]

Mallory has very clearly found an Instagram husband to take pictures of her in sunflower fields. Is it Sal? Hopefully they make it.

Images: Netflix

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