Are Shaina & Shayne Dating After 'Love Is Blind'? Their Instagrams May Hold A Clue

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Are Shaina & Shayne Dating After 'Love Is Blind'? Their Instagrams May Hold A Clue

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee seem to be getting along on Love Is Blind Season 2, despite their insanely different personalities. But Natalie doesn't know how Shayne also engaged in a fairly deep relationship with Shaina Hurley, who is still pining for him after her split with Kyle Abrams. Although it looks like Shayne and Natalie could (maybe, possibly, but it's not likely) still have a chance, a lot of things are happening on Instagram that fully suggest that Shayne and Shaina are dating after Love Is Blind, or at least hanging out with each other. If anything, most clues point to some contention between him and Natalie now that the show is airing.

Since the premiere of the season, both Shaina and Shayne have been active, along with the rest of the Love Is Blind cast, on Instagram. Shayne seems to be enjoying the villain edit he's getting, posting DMs from viewers calling him out for proposing to Natalie only to then freak out when Shaina admits her feelings for him, albeit too late. He's also openly accepted his "red flag" status. Shaina on the other hand, is posting a lot of the love she's getting as the "star" of the show. Which is an interesting take to run with, considering that after her breakup with Kyle and her tirade at the Chicago BBQ about Natalie not being The One for Shayne, there is no reason we ever have to see her again.

And yet...she's really leaning into the full time cast status even though her broken engagement makes her a "friend of" at the very best. The way Shayne and Shaina interact on Instagram tells me that something is up. Here are some of the clues and all the wild speculation that comes with just a few emoji and comments the two have made on social media.

The Zipped Lip

Before the premiere, Shaina posted the trailer for the season and Shayne left a zipped lip emoji in the comments. Shaina responded in kind. Now, are they just friends keeping up appearances in the name of creating some mystery around the show for Netflix? Or is this real-time flirting?

The Follows & The Likes

It's also of note that while the rest of the cast mostly follows one another and have been tagging each other and commenting on each others' posts, Natalie and Shayne do not follow each other, which isn't exactly a sign of marital bliss. Shaina and Shayne not only follow each other, but she's even gone as far as to like some of Shayne's posts from 2018, which is something only the best of newfound fuck buddies can do without looking like a sociopath.

Natalie's Watch Party

This could mean anything, but Natalie and Iyanna McNeely had a watch party together, as "loving and supporting friends," for the premiere. This could be two clues in one — Iyanna's relationship going into the weddings also seems rocky, and one might assume that these two ladies watched together as jilted lovers. Of course, it could also mean that their husbands were off doing their own thing but if they were, Shayne was definitely cuddled up with Shaina somewhere. Sorry, not sorry.

The Instagram flirting and the fact that Shayne and Natalie are seemingly broken up is a clear sign that Shaina and Shayne could be dating each other or have at least been in touch since the show ended. Either that, or they're both highly skilled at drumming up controversy around the show and looking forward to reaping all of the Instagram followers and press interviews that come from it. A zipped lip emoji is not to be taken lightly.

Images: Netflix, Instagram

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