Are Natalie & Shayne Still Together After 'Love Is Blind'? Their Love Triangle May Still Exist

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Are Natalie & Shayne Still Together After 'Love Is Blind'? Their Love Triangle May Still Exist

The new Love Is Blind couples have been chosen and after bonding in the pods and then spending some time in Mexico together, they are all seemingly on their way down the aisle. Though we all know that can change at any time, so each week we're going to look into the question of if Shayne and Natalie are still together after Love Is Blind Season 2, with a full report on their relationship — or lack thereof — when the season ends.

Of course, they won't totally give themselves away on social media or anything while the show is still airing, but we're going to look for clues on their Instagram and other social media accounts to see if they're following each other, if they're posting from the same places at the times, and who else they're friends with. We'll dig into Reddit and Deux Moi to see what people are reporting about the couples, and use clues from the show about their dynamic to make some predictions.

So check in each week to see what's going on with your fave couples and if you do have a boots on the ground tip to share about a couple, make sure to comment here and let us know. Because we want to know what you know.

Warning: This post includes spoilers for the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2, as well as social media clues available. It will be updated each week with new show information.

Week 1

What we've got from the show: Shayne was torn between Shaina and Natalie in the pods, and eventually went all in with Natalie when Shaina didn't express her feelings soon enough. This love triangle, especially since Shaina seems so wary of her pick, could mean trouble is coming.

Still, Shayne and Natalie seemingly get along well with each other. They had a steamy first night that Shayne bragged about on camera and at the cocktail party and they make each other laugh. The downside is that they are very different — Shayne is really outgoing and Natalie seems more reserved. She also says that Shayne's nighttime routine is to eat in bed and fall asleep with the TV on, which Natalie calls her worst nightmare. This is...semi worrying. In a clip for upcoming episodes, it also looks like Natalie's family didn't even know about the whole experiment, so this could stop them from walking down the aisle.

What online is telling us: They do not follow each other on Instagram, despite the fact that they each follow (mostly) the rest of the cast. Do you know who does follow each other? You got it: Shaina and Shayne.

In fact, she's liked recent pictures of his on Instagram and pictures as far back as 2018. That's thirsty. When Shaina posted the trailer for Love Is Blind, Shayne replied with a zipped mouth emoji and she responded in kind. Something's up between these two and I need the reunion special like yesterday and we're only on Week 1.

So are they together?: I'll be honest... it doesn't look great. And with Shaina as a plot twist third element (still) — I'm concerned.

Week 2

​​What we've got from the show: Despite their different personalities, Natalie and Shayne seem ready to walk down the aisle together. Their respective home visits went well enough, they’ve talked through the Shaina of it all, and they seem ready. Until the bachelor party, where Shayne loses his mind after not being able to hit a baseball and it just seems like his anger is…misplaced. All of this angst before his wedding day can’t be a good sign.

What online is telling us: They still do not follow each other on Instagram, and Shayne is still following and interacting with Shaina in the comments. This does not bode well. Also, Natalie and Iyanna had a watch party for the premiere together and it just seems like they are both watching as single women, supporting each other through this process.

So are they together?: Just like last week, the Instagram clues are too strong. Prove me wrong, Shayne, prove me wrong.

Week 3

​​What we've got from the show: Their entire relationship and wedding was a total disaster. Not only did Natalie call it off, afterwards, Shayne threw a temper tantrum about not even wanting to try to date in the real world, even though just minutes before he had said “I do” to her. What a gem. Meanwhile, Natalie seemed relieved, saying a weight had been taken off of her shoulders having left this bro at the altar.

What online is telling us: For the first two weeks, they did not follow each other on Instagram, but they do now. This feels more like they were called out by fans (or the show) and told to not give the general public anything to theorize about than the fact that they have an actual friendship.

She recently liked a pic of Shayne and his mom and even shared a picture of him when he was younger and had Zack Morris hair to her Instagram Stories, which he reposted. When she shared a selfie, looking like a smokeshow in a yellow suit, he replied with an open mouthed emoji. Are they… flirting?

Then again, Shayne also uses simple emoji all the time and still interacts with Shaina on Instagram, so this isn’t saying much.

So are they together?: The new interactions online are curious. Could this be a surprise reunion?

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