The 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Home Visits Ranked In Order Of Awkwardness

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The 'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Home Visits Ranked In Order Of Awkwardness

Bringing someone home to meet your family is the pinnacle of awkward in ant relationship, but the couples from Love Is Blind Season 2 have the added task of explaining the entire fact that they are getting married within two weeks after meeting each other, sight unseen, in a pod for a Netflix dating show. So it's going to be awkward as hell, but some of the couples fared better than others when breaking the news to their family and inner circle.

While some couples and their families worked through the situation with a modicum of grace, other sit downs between the couples and their parents, siblings, or friends were harder to sit through than one of Sal's romantic ukulele serenades, and that is saying something. Below, we rank the the Love Is Blind home visits in order of most pleasant to downright cringeworthy.

Deepti & Shake: Most Likely To Succeed

Shake asks Deeps' parents about their arranged marriage.
Shake's mom talks to him about his attraction to Deepti.

Deepti and Shake share a strong bond, even though they have yet to be intimate with each other. There's something to be said for the fact that they share a similar cultural background and more importantly, a culture that accepts the fact that marriage can come before a true love match eventually forms.

Shake meets Deeps' parents and her sister and her husband and it helps that they are able to compare Deepti's parents' arranged marriage to the experience in the pods. There's a lot less skepticism that they will be able to last in marriage given that they've been through, sort of, kind of, a similar situation.

When they sit down to a home cooked meal, Shake charms the pants off of everyone around him. Likewise, when Deepti goes to meet Shake's parents, they are open to her becoming part of the family and conversation comes easily. Shake even opens up to his mom about their lack of sexual chemistry and she seems unfazed that the relationship can still work without it. They all have questions, but look a whole lot less skeptical than some of the other couples' families. If familial approval helps foster more love and connection between a couple, Shakes and Deeps are in it for the long haul.

Iyanna & Jarrette: Just Two Cuties

Jarrette's parents are stoked to meet Iyanna. 
Iyanna's adoptive parents are skeptical, but game.

These two might have their issues coming down the line, given Iyanna's insecurity about Jarrette's party-boy lifestyle and having been the second woman to whom he proposed. But their family visits were as cool, calm, and collected as they were, even if their families had some questions.

Jarrette's mom gushes over Iyanna, clearly happy that her son picked someone who is a "cutie" and seems to care about her son. They are so sold on the idea of this rushed marriage that Jarrette's dad even offers to officiate it given that he's a minister, which is saying something, given that some of the other couples' families look like they would rather drink wine in gold wine cups for all of eternity than show up to a shotgun, televised wedding.

Iyanna's parents adopted her when she was 18 years old and they seem close enough in age to be friends, too, which led to a strange dynamic. Although they were a little reserved and worried that Jarrette might not know Iyanna well enough and lowkey questioned his intentions, they seem to be supportive of anything she wants to do, which is all anyone can ask for. Decidedly not that awkward.

Shayne & Natalie: Say Anything

Natalie's mom tries her best to like Shayne. 
Shayne brings up Natalie's IBS at lunch with his mom. 

Natalie's mom and dad had no idea where their daughter had been for the past three weeks, so when she tells them she's engaged to Shayne after meeting him sight unseen, they are floored. Her dad is adorable and takes it all in stride, whereas her mother literally asks to be put on a stretcher when she realizes she's not being punked. Nat is smart though and warms them up, so when Shayne walks in with flowers and some steak takeout, they're ready to sit down and make the best of meeting this bro. While Natalie's mom has her reservations as she questions Shayne, she's not aggressive or rude, but manages to even joke about how crazy it all is. Not bad for a first dinner.

Shayne's dad has recently passed away, which does give some insight into his chaotic behavior. His mom Karen is all smiles though despite her recent loss and seems to take to Natalie right away. Things go so well that Shayne even leaves the two of them alone while he leaves the table to poop and teases Natalie about having diarrhea in Mexico (and always, apparently, her Netflix bio video has her saying that she needs to tell any potential suitor that she has IBS). While it's clear to everyone but Natalie at this point that this relationship is going down the tubes, their family visits weren't all that hard to sit through and were at least worth a chuckle or two.

Danielle & Nick: A Tale Of Two Families

Danielle and her mom watch Nick fish. 
Nick's mom and sisters don't think he's cut out for marriage.

Danielle's family wholly accepted Nick, but it wasn't apparent if Nick accepted her family or not. He seemed totally taken aback by Danielle's mom talking about sex and his hickey and generally uncomfortable in such a relaxed setting.

It became abundantly clear as to why he was so reserved once Danielle went to meet his mom and his sisters. All three women were skeptical AF, and not just about Danielle. They seemed to like her more than they actually like Nick, which is a red flag. They tease him for being uptight, a germaphobe, and for taking two showers a day at a point in his life. His mom even says that she doesn't think Nick is cut out for marriage and the way he mumbles, "That wasn't so bad, right" to Danielle on their way out (no one walked them out either, they just got up and left, a clear difference between his family and the way that Danielle's fam was so warm and welcoming) is a sign that even if we weren't there for the awkward vibes, they were strong.

Mallory & Sal: Everyone's A Skeptic

Sal's sisters are far from enthusiastic.
Mallory's sister does not believe Love Is Blind. 

It's a shame, because Mallory and Salvador seem like one of the stronger couples on the show, but their respective families were not having it. First, Mallory meets Sal's sisters, who, although cordial, have a lot of questions for her about their experience in the pods and how she knew their brother was the one. When Mallory explains that she also had a relationship with Jarrette in the pods and was even proposed to before Sal took a knee, their faces scrunch up with worry. It looked like they had a decent time, but the whole thing reeked of awkward pauses and skepticism.

Only Mallory's sister shows up to support her during this first meeting with Sal and she literally starts crying tears of fear and despair when she learns the wedding is just two weeks away. Her sister very clearly thinks her sister is making a huge mistake, noting that the whole process is anything but normal and definitely rushed. Had she met Sal under different circumstances, it's possible she would approve of this union, but given that it's tied to a TV show and gameplay, she's not having it. All I wanted to do was ask the waiter for the check and run as far away from this restaurant as possible.

Shaina & Kyle: Doomed From The Start

Shaina's family thinks Kyle will burn in hell. 
Kyle is open about the fact that he's an atheist. 

Well, we know these two don't last as Shaina breaks up with him promptly after Kyle meets her family. At first, it seems like Kyle is vibing with her brothers as they all share a beer, but when her brother starts talking about being an "American" and how important faith is to Shaina, things go south. Fast. Kyle openly admits that he's an atheist and her brothers and dad look like they want to burn him at the stake in the backyard.

Meanwhile, her mother just stares blankly and questions their body language, and judging by the tone of her voice, she doesn't mean that in a nice way. Shaina was always going to break up with Kyle before the wedding (she's not on this show for the right reasons, y'all, look at her Instagram), but ripping the bandaid off seemed to come a lot easier once she saw her family react to the fact that Kyle doesn't know what being godly means.

Winning over a partner's family isn't the most important thing in a relationship, but it is important. It's likely that the meetings will linger in their minds as they all try to figure out whether or not they plan on saying "I Do" at the end of this season.

Images: Netflix

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