'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Couples' Compatibility Ranked By The Morning After Interactions

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'Love Is Blind' Season 2 Couples' Compatibility Ranked By The Morning After Interactions

Now that the Love Is Blind Season 2 couples have made it to Mexico, the real fun begins: trying to suss out who makes it to the altar and who self-implodes once they have to start living with the fiancé they met behind a literal wall. We won't know who really makes it until the finale drops at the end of the month (and really, not until a reunion special filmed months later), but judging by their first morning interactions together at the resort, there are some couples who are clearly more compatible than others.

It has to be hard to not feel the love at a gorgeous Mexican resort, complete with hot tubs and room service. But while some couples spent their first night together canoodling in their hotel rooms, others were storming off to head back Chicago before the clock even struck midnight or were awkwardly trying to nurse their champagne hangovers together. Below, we rank the couples' chance of success based on how they handles each others morning breath, and we have to say...it's looking good for a lot of them.

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2.

Nick & Danielle

Poor, poor Danielle. She wakes up the first morning sick as a dog, saying that she can barely hold water down. Puke aside, Nick notes that they did do deed — two times, in three different places, which is a strange flex — and ordered two dinners in between, which might be what Danielle is trying to hold down. They joke about whether or not she's pregnant (does Nick not understand that morning sickness wouldn't come on that soon?) and cuddle in bed together, talking about how the fact that Nick is being kind to her in a time of need is a sign that they will be married forever. This could be a sign that Nick is a narcissist, but overall, Danielle seems to like this sort of emotional abuse.

Compatibility Score: A- Nick's cutesy voice while talking about sex alone should be a red flag, but it does take a lot to get close to someone who is still actively vomiting. Sorry to all of my college roommates, wherever you are.

Shake & Deeps

Deeps is clearly more attracted to Shake physically than he is to her, but they still manage to have a nice night together. Although Shake declined to get intimate with her, Deeps notes that he made puppy noises all night while she tossed and turned. They order breakfast in and seemingly get along, but the friend zone is obviously how many miles between Mexico and Chicago away for these two.

Compatibility Score: C They seem to get along as human beings, but Shake's face while they are making out in the pool says it all. And if they do make it to the alter, Deeps might not like to hear what he has to say about her looks and his desire for her very well when she watches the episodes. Please, send me the reunion tapes now.

Iyanna & Jarrette

OK, these two are pretty cute together. Not only does Jarrette get her a Polaroid camera for "raunchy photos," they wake up looking like they stayed up all night together doing said raunchy things. Jarrette does complain that tiny little Iyanna wakes up right on top of him, but he makes up for it by saying that she was "cool" at cuddling...whatever that means. Either way, the sex appeal is strong with these two and it's not a bad early morning start to a relationship. Then again, how many one night stands turn from swoon to "blocked" after a week? Most of them, tbh.

Compatibility Score: A Whether the lust eventually turns into love or not, these two will definitely be keeping each other's phone numbers for late night booty calls in Chicago come the finale and that is also something to be proud of.

Shaina & Kyle

Welp. That didn't last long. Not only is it rude that Shaina straight up left instead of talking to Kyle about how she feels, she also cut his vacation in Mexico short. She could have at least faked it so that he could get some more time on vacay on camera. Do unto others, right?

Compatibility Score: F This is never happening.

Mallory & Sal

These two seem so tame with their clothes on, but they might be the freakiest of the couples given their first morning interviews. Sal and Mallory wake up in a pile of blankets and hotel pillows talking about how much fun they had the night before and Mallory goes as far to say that she wants to stop at the pharmacy for a morning after pill. Maybe she can pick up some Pedialyte for Danielle.

Compatibility Score: A+ Between the open communication the night before about how she felt awkward, but Sal shouldn't take it personal, and their late night romp, this couple has the potential to go far.

Shayne & Natalie

Shayne does express regret that they didn't "knock boots" for longer before passing out, and tells Natalie that she has a pointy elbow, but the sexual chemistry is strong. As is their ability to watch another stranger brush their teeth, something that this writer considers a highly personal act, to be done in private at all times, pod-soulmates or not.

Compatibility Score: D Although Shayne seems to be impressed with Natalie in bed, there are two types of people in the world — those who hit snooze three times and those who don't because the sound of an alarm is something only a serial killer can listen to. This will never last longterm.

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