Episodes The 'Sunny' Cast Should Have Won Emmys For

I'm a huge fan of 'It's Always Sunny,' and I am perpetually shocked — SHOCKED — that the show has not only never won an Emmy, but has also only been nominated for its stunt work.

It's the longest-running live comedy series on television, continues to be relevant and very, very funny, and, yet, the Emmys care more about rewarding the Kominsky Method? How?!

So, here, I'm putting together a list of 'Sunny' episodes the cast SHOULD have gotten awards for, even though they didn't:

Charlie Day: Season 10, Episode 4: "Charlie Work." Not only should Charlie Day have won an Emmy for this episode, but the entire SERIES should have won the Best Comedy Emmy for this episode. Everyone talks ad nauseam about the tracking shot in True Detective, but not this? But for all of Charlie's excellent work throughout the years, this one is just such a starring production, that I have to reward him more than a passing grade for this marvel.

Rob McElhenney: I've always found it strange that, though Rob writes the entire show, Mac tends to be a little bit of a weak link in the group. That said, Rob's work in Season 13, Episode 10, "Mac's Dance," is absolutely STUNNING. The work he put into that routine and storyline is just incredible — to go from his dance at the high school reunion to this piece of modern art? Emmy. Worthy.

Kaitlin Olson: Season 4, Episode 7: "Who Pooped The Bed." Kaitlin is so under-appreciated across the board — just see the original actress' take on Dee to see how much depravity she's brought to the role — but she deserved more props than she got for literally slamming her head into a car door in this episode for a stunt. Honorable mention for her work in "Chardee McDennis."

Glenn Howerton: This one's a toughie. Dennis has had so many stand-out rage moments, that it's really hard to pick which one floats to the top. It's really hard to beat Season 5 Episode 10's "The D.E.N.N.I.S. System," which capture men at their very worst, but Glenn's sociopathic description of "the implication" during Season 6, Episode 3's "The Gang Buys A Boat" is bringing more terror than any episode of AHS. But then again... "Time's Up For The Gang" is also delightfully horrific, so give him all three Emmys.

Danny DeVito: Frank has gotten even funnier as he's aged, but the utter insanity of Season 7, Episode 7's "Frank's Little Beauties deserves a spot in any Hall of Fame.

What am I missing? And, more importantly, what are the Emmys missing, ffs?