What Movie Was Your Sexual Awakening?

We FINALLY covered “Cruel Intentions” on the podcast this week, and it’s no secret this is my favorite movie - I own no less than 5 tee shirts, I can quote it word for word, I wrote an educational parody for my health class, and I watched it every day while I did my homework.

What I DIDN’T know was the hold this movie had on me… sexually. While editing the podcast, I had to ask Chelsea to remove at least half of the mentions of me pleasuring myself to this movie in high school because apparently it happened A LOT. (Who knew? The stories just poured out of me; it wasn’t planned!)

Was “Cruel Intentions” the movie that woke you up? Or was it, perhaps, “Wild Things?” Or maybe something random like “Mrs. Doubtfire?”

Basically, what movie had you watching it alone and made you realize “I’m a WOMAN NOW.” (Extra points if you, too, said that in Lorrell’s voice from “Dreamgirls.”)