Still Pissed I Never Got An Easy Bake Oven...

In this week's recap of "Sister Act," we took time to discuss other important things we were doing in 1992 when the movie was released, and for 4-year-old me, that was not doing much else but playing with toys.

The Creepy Crawlers Bug Maker came out that year, and while I was thrilled to be able to flex my creative genius as I crafted insects of all colors of the rainbow- mostly hot pink and neon green (sorry, Dad! Should have been a sign) - I was low key pissed that I never got an Easy Bake Oven because it was "for girls."

Cut to 35-year-old me, still unable to cook and with bugs in my apartment. Do I blame my parents? A little bit. Should I be telling my therapist instead of making a community post about it? Perhaps. So let me book an emergency session while I leave you with this question:

What toy or game still lingers with you, haunting you with the fact that you weren't allowed to get it as a child? And more importantly - do you want it badly enough as an adult to get it on eBay? (Because I may or may not know that the Easy Bake Oven is available for $40...)