'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Are We Being Weaned Off Meredith Grey?

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'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: Are We Being Weaned Off Meredith Grey?

This one might be on me. Just last week, I was getting sentimental about Grey's Anatomy again, waxing poetic about how it always pulls me back in just when its starting to lose me. But after an entire episode of Teddy-focused flashbacks, even with the bonus Cristina Yang footage, nothing is sitting right. (This is said without any hate towards Teddy. Kim Raver is an icon and it is a shame that the former Lipstick Jungle actress has been destined to be hopelessly in love with Owen Hunt and a B-level Grey's character for this long.)

Here's my bet, and I've said it before: this is the beginning of the end for Grey's Anatomy, at least as we all know and love it. Meredith has been MIA from most episodes this season, stuck in a hospital bed as she battles COVID. The most we've gotten from her is a few shots on death beach to accommodate guest stars like T.R. Knight, Patrick Dempsey, and next week Chyler Leigh. (Welcome back, Lexie.)

Ellen Pompeo's limited participation in the season could, of course, be caused a coronavirus filming restrictions. But when you look at how Pompeo has spoken about the future of Grey's recently (she seems just as unsure about it as you do), it tells a different story. (And then there's the time she referred to the show's tendency to be "monotonous" on a goodbye post to DeLuca actor Giacomo Gianniotti.)

And then we have Teddy. Or at least, we have Teddy's episode, "In My Life," which feels like the entertainment industry version of weaning fans off of the protagonist of the show. Meredith appears in Thursday's episode, but just to meet Teddy in her dream and remind her how dark her past is. (We know! Everyone's past is dark on this show!) Meanwhile, I'm seemingly the only one wondering what Meredith's vitals are, how is she doing, and why we aren't working to save her?

When the future of such a beloved show is suspended in the air like Grey's Anatomy currently is, you need your person. You need Meredith Grey. You need her to show you why you're here and why you're watching and why you've spent over 15 years with these characters. But we're not getting that, with the exception of her beach shots. Instead, we're getting Teddy. And DeLuca (RIP). And Owen. And Link. And Jo. It feels like a baton passing — am I reading too much into this?

In the preview for the next episode, Lexie shows up to meet Meredith, so maybe our titular protagonist is in some sort of after life of her own making. It may not make much sense plot-wise (Bailey and Richard were there, after all), but it screams like a writing off. Are we getting more about Teddy and other characters as a final set up and send off to Meredith Grey leaving the show? It sure feels like that, friends. If I'm wrong, I'll buy everyone a round at Joe's Bar.

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