Lexie Grey Is Back On 'Grey's Anatomy' — Finally

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Lexie Grey Is Back On 'Grey's Anatomy' — Finally

Ever since May 2012, it has been difficult to trust Grey's Anatomy. Why, you ask? Because that's when they killed off Lexie Grey — Little Grey. And after her death (and Mark's and Derek's and DeLuca's) the trust between me and the show has become weaker and weaker. But perhaps now, only nine years and many deaths later, I can learn to trust again. Why, again, you ask? Because Lexie is coming back to Grey's Anatomy. To the tune of "Breathe (2AM)" — Lexie's song during the cursed/beloved musical episode.

After her death in Season 8 (I'm still shook/upset/unwell/looking-into-legal-action-over-the-plane-crash episode), fans haven't gotten even a glimpse of Lexie. (The Day of the Dead episode doesn't count because that was old footage of Lexie when she had a bob.) The hospital is named after this woman, and we can't even get a ghost cameo or two? Denny stuck around as a ghost for eight years (or so it seemed. And I'm grateful for that, don't get me wrong.), and yet Lexie was completely unavailable in the afterlife to swing by.

Well, how 'bout them apples now, Denny. Not only do we get a ghost cameo from actress Chyler Leigh — who, to be fair, has been busy on TV shows like Supergirl since 2015 — on the April 1 episode of Grey's Anatomy, but we get to see her on Death Beach. That's iconic. That's where all the cool ghosts hang out! And, Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2AM)" is playing during the promo? It should be illegal to be that on the nose, Shondaland.

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Of course, I would be remiss to not mention that Grey's seems to be bringing in the reinforcements with T.R. Knight, Patrick Dempsey, and now Leigh appearing in a season many worry could be the last. Olivia Truffaut-Wong wrote for The Dipp that even the return of (alive) April Kepner (played by Sarah Drew) raises a few eyebrows as to the confidence of the series' future. Ellen Pompeo has questioned the future of the show, as have the showrunners, who are preparing for a season and series finale this year should negotiations not pull through, according to Deadline.

But enough showbiz talk. Let's get back to the good stuff. Lexie. Is. Back. And the show seems to be fully aware that she is "the one we've been waiting for," per their tweet and promo for next week's episode. Forget Derek, whose appearance in the first episode of the season absolutely shocked fans. It is Lexie we want and it is Lexie we will get. Bangs and all. My only advice at this point? ~Juuuust click~

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