Meredith & Derek's 'Grey's Anatomy' Wedding May Have Included Some Subtle, Morbid Foreshadowing

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Meredith & Derek's 'Grey's Anatomy' Wedding May Have Included Some Subtle, Morbid Foreshadowing

Let's all give thanks that we are finally out of the Grey's Anatomy purgatory of wondering whether or not Meredith Grey was going to wake up from her COVID induced coma. The good news? Little Zola was able to wake her mom up after Meredith and Derek finally got the wedding they always wanted. The bad news? There are so many callbacks and clues in this episode that it seems like Meredith is still doomed, especially because she was able to live out every last wish she had about her past life on Death Beach.

In "Good As Hell," Meredith meets Derek on Death Beach and they are the closest they have been through all of this, even though we all know the closer she gets to Derek, the farther she is from being alive. She knows it, too. Derek tries to tell Meredith that she needs to wake up, and live, for their kids, even though Meredith is sort of not convinced they even need her. "They get through the pain," she tells him, scooting way too close to him for safety's sake on some beach log.

Derek isn't having it, and all of a sudden, because McDreamy is magic and a now a ghost, she is wearing a slinky wedding dress and they act out what would have been their wedding, alone, in the surf of what can only be a Malibu beach.

Timing Is Everything

Meredith and Derek's Post-It wedding back in Season 5 is something all Grey's fans remember, because it was charming and fit them at the time. But remember: they only did the quickie city hall wedding back then, in "Now Or Never," because Izzie Stevens was on life support and a John Doe, who turned out to be George O'Malley, was brought in and they were both too busy caring for their friends to get dressed up.

It's the episode where Meredith, newly wed after a Post-It note vow situation, realizes that the burn victim she postponed her wedding for is actually O'Malley. And Izzie, in a prom dress, finds George in some afterlife elevator, akin to Death Beach. I'm sorry, I just think that there are no coincidences in this life or on Grey's Anatomy and it's beyond telling that Meredith and Derek finally got to have a wedding after she also got to make amends with George on Death Beach. The parallels about these character being in and out of the living world (or their series contracts) are just too much to ignore.

Zola Predicted It All!

At the end of the day, it is Zola's hug and her talking to her mom that brought Grey back from her COVID coma, not Meredith finding some conclusion in her brain about the unfinished business between her and Derek (and all of her people) on that beach. A very savvy Twitter user also pointed out that there is a picture on the Grey household's fridge of Meredith and Derek kissing on a beach, just like the couple did in Meredith's coma-wedding too. So what is Zola trying to tell us?

[rich Embed]

It's all a lot to take in, but is that picture the eventual endgame for Meredith and Derek? Between the drawing on the fridge and the fact that Meredith and Derek finally had a wedding after she talked to all of her dead friends on Death Beach — especially the one she also declared dead on her initial wedding day — well, things are getting way too symbolic for my liking. It's good to know Meredith might be awake for now, but all signs, and that drawing on the fridge, point to eventual tragedy. Zola may have called it.

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