7 Dead ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Characters Meredith Should Hang With This Season

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7 Dead ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Characters Meredith Should Hang With This Season

Grey's Anatomy seriously (seriously!) pulled off the ultimate surprise when a ghostly, but still sexy, Derek Shepherd met his widow Meredith Grey on a beach in her subconscious at the end of the Season 17 premiere.

I mean, I guess it's her subconscious... the show hasn't officially revealed what's happening, but in an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Patrick Dempsey called it a "COVID dream." And since showrunner Krista Vernoff teased to Deadline that viewers will "have to tune in and see who comes to the beach" next, I've been busy compiling a list of all the other ghosts I need Meredith to hang out with this season. Come on, Meredith's dream beach has the potential to make fans' wildest reunion fantasies come true. From Lexie and George to Denny Duquette, there's an abundance of dearly departed characters who could give Mer the boost she needs to keep going in these dark times.

Since Vernoff already revealed to The Los Angeles Times that Dempsey will return for at least two more visits, I feel like the beleaguered surgeon will be getting plenty of quality time with McDreamy in Season 17. But what about all of the other people she's loved and lost... or maybe just briefly met long enough for them to talk her through a bomb in a chest cavity situation? They deserve some love, too.

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