'Grey's Anatomy' Season 18 DeuxMoi Rumors, Explained

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'Grey's Anatomy' Season 18 DeuxMoi Rumors, Explained

Now that Grey's Anatomy has officially been on the air for 18 seasons, rumors swirl time and time again that the show is officially ending or that yet another one of the original cast members will be leaving. Usually, it's just talk or speculation on social media from fans who don't have any real insider information, but now that we are blessed with the celeb gossip Instagram account Deux Moi, the chances of getting actual tea about what's going on behind the scenes is all the greater. Sure, the submissions come from anonymous sources, so there's never any real way to know what's true or not, but enough of the account's rumors have been confirmed that it's worth taking some of the Deux Moi Grey's Anatomy tips seriously. And there are quite a few of them these days.

Grey's Anatomy has been torturing fans for years. It's one of the hallmarks of the show — ever since they let that plane crash to the ground and take Mark Sloan out of our lives, there is no reason to trust anything about the future of the show. Hell, Season 17 literally should have been called The Long, Drawn Out Meredith Death Watch, as her life was on the line in her COVID coma and she met all the ghosts of Grey Sloan past on that forsaken beach. By all means, the show could have theoretically ended right there and while it would have been sad to see it go, putting Grey's Anatomy out of its current misery isn't the worst of ideas.

But by all indications, the cash cow is not going out to pasture anytime soon, as even the gossip implies ridiculous storylines will keep on coming. Here are some of the recent Deux Moi submissions about what's happening with the series.

A New Romance

OK, this one is straight trash, mostly because Kate Walsh told Deadline that she was only doing a couple episodes and we've likely already seen them all. But it's possible that they did test out lesbian relationship but it was most definitely for Amelia, because she is totally going to hook up with that hot doctor in Minnesota, right?

Someone Else Isn't Returning

As mentioned above, Pompeo, Wilson, and Pickens are the three most important characters on the show as far as I'm concerned, only because they've been here since the very beginning. And per The Hollywood Reporter, the last contract they signed brought them to the end of Season 18. Back in 2020, ABC president Karey Burke famously said that the show will live on for as long as Pompeo wants to play Meredith, but she also said that the show would be a part of the ABC lineup as long as people wanted to make episodes. It's not impossible to consider that one of the last OGs, even Meredith, could leave the show and it would continue to run with the other characters.

No one in their right mind would want Grey's Anatomy to be helmed by the likes of Teddy and Owen, who are just the absolute worst, but remember — ER went on for ten more seasons after George Clooney's Ross left the show, which is basically the same thing as Meredith leaving Grey's in my opinion. It wasn't the same, but it went on as long as it continued to make money for the network, and that's sadly what the business of television is all about. Hopefully we won't have to live in that world, but it's entirely possible even if the thought makes me want to rip my face off.

Another Life Or Death Situation

Ugh, this is literally what they did with Meredith last year and for that reason alone, this rumor is likely true. The thing is — who does anyone care enough about to kill off anymore? It can't be Meredith again, and Richard had his moment a few seasons back. Camillia Luddington, Kim Raver, and Kevin McKidd (Jo, Teddy, and Owen, respectively) all also recently signed multi-year contracts that reportedly take them into a 19th season even though the show itself hasn't even been renewed for a Season 19 yet, per Deadline. So, it could theoretically be one of them who will anti-climatically almost die and then turn up alive, though again, that's what they did last year. Chandra Wilson, who plays Bailey, would be an obvious choice to play with fans heads, and she, Ellen Pompeo and James Pickens (Richard) only have contracts through this year, so she could definitely go, too.

Could it be Maggie, played by Kelly McCreary, who has barely appeared on the show this season because she's nursing her ailing father? Or Amelia, played by Caterina Scorsone, who acts impulsively enough to get herself into some trouble?

Sidenote: the fact that Station 19 is getting new characters and another five seasons will never cease to amaze me. Are we watching this show? Please advise.

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