Can We Discuss Meredith's Beach Cardigan In The 'Grey's Anatomy' Finale?

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Can We Discuss Meredith's Beach Cardigan In The 'Grey's Anatomy' Finale?

Women should wear whatever they want. It's your body and it's your choice to wear a chunky cardigan to your sister's beach wedding, Meredith. I'm not going to tell you what you can and cannot wear. I'm just going to tell you that you looked absolutely ridiculous because it was a beach wedding and not a corporate office with cubicles and an A/C system that is stuck at 64 degrees year-round.

To be fully clear, I'm not talking about Maggie and Winston's wedding in Meredith's backyard. I would argue that Meredith's sage-colored look for that wedding (attempt) was actually more appropriate than the cardigan. (Third picture below.) But the beach cardigan... over a maxi dress? I know Meredith has had a rough year (if you didn't know from the season, the finale reminded you almost every minute that Meredith had COVID) but I have a hard time accepting a wide-knit stitch at her sister's wedding.

Nothing but love for this look

What's worse is, it's not a Lisa Rinna-style duster, something that acts as a jacket more than anything else. No, this is a hip-grazing chunky cardi at a wedding that seems to be Dress Code: Beach Formal. (Men are in suits, women are in gowns.) Even this random woman got the memo.

After spending an entire season on The Death Beach, you'd think Meredith would be looking forward to getting out of her casual look (aka just a lot of linen and baggy jeans) and into something a little more formal. Instead, Meredith woke up and chose comfort. And I have no problem dressing for comfort... when the time is right. The time was not right. Next season, let's text a friend before and ask what they're wearing, k?

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