Men You Think You Love But Shouldn't: Derek Shepherd

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Men You Think You Love But Shouldn't: Derek Shepherd

"PICK ME, CHOOSE ME, LOVE ME." No Meredith Grey, no. Stop it. Go for a walk. Go cut an LVAD wire. Do literally anything except stand in front of Derek Shepherd and beg for him to love you. And that goes for all of you Derek lovers, too! Welcome to the latest edition of Men You Think You Love But Shouldn't.

Sure, Derek has a full head of hair, a job, and great bone structure, but ladies and gents, that is the bare minimum and your bar for attraction needs to be raised. This man is the epitome of toxicity hiding underneath all that perfectly dispersed hair gel.

First, let's just start at the top, the man was married. MARRIED. And he moved from New York City to Seattle, met a woman (Meredith Grey) in a bar, and essentially rebounded... and I say rebounded because the man left NYC to flee his wife. Yup, that's right his wife. But did he tell Meredith any of this? Oh no, of course not. Why would he?! He is a brilliant, hot, charming neurosurgeon. Why would he need to be honest with the woman he is falling in love with?! Sigh.

Let's not forget in between all of that, ya know, between meeting Meredith, then Meredith meeting Addison "bad ass babe" Montgomery in the lobby of Seattle Grace Hospital, Derek was persistent in his pursuit of Meredith. She tried to end it, she was basically was like, "you are an attending and I am an intern, this is not appropriate," and yet. And yet he continued. He continued this relationship while married, he was persistent to be in a relationship with a woman who was not his wife and who was his subordinate at work. Cheers.

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