'Ginny & Georgia' Trailer Is 'Gilmore Girls' With A Criminal Twist

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'Ginny & Georgia' Trailer Is 'Gilmore Girls' With A Criminal Twist

When Netflix's new mother-daughter drama was first announced, fans were worried it was just going to be a Gilmore Girls rip off. But while the shows do share some similarities — namely the focus on a fifteen-year-old girl and her 30-year-old mother — as the Ginny & Georgia trailer makes clear, the Miller girls are forging their own path... on the wrong side of the law.

Georgia (Brianne Howey), the young mother, might describe her bond with her daughter Ginny (Antonia Gentry) as "the Gilmore Girls, but with bigger boobs," but that's not entirely correct. For one thing, they don't have rich grandparents swooping in to help them, and they don't live in a cutesy small town where everyone knows them. As Ginny explains in the trailer, they're constantly moving around, and the two of them, plus Ginny's younger brother, are really all they've got. There's also the fact that, as a biracial child, Ginny doesn't look identical to her mom — something that will hopefully be explored in the series as Ginny's classmates drool over how hot her mom is.

The main difference between Ginny & Georgia and Gilmore Girls, though, is the potentially criminal subplot teased in the trailer. We don't get much, but the flashing of police lights and Georgia's frightened look when she runs into a police officer definitely hint at a bigger story. She's running from something, and that something could be jail time. "I've met Georgia Miller. I do believe her to be dangerous," says a detective-looking type in the trailer. A moment later, Ginny is heard demanding answers from her mom on her past. "I feel like I don't even know who my mother is," she says. Cut to Georgia setting a pile of photos and documents on fire. Nothing suspicious to see here!

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So, no, this isn't your mom's Gilmore Girls, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few similarities. Like Lorelai Gilmore, Georgia is more carefree than her daughter, and she's always trying to encourage her daughter to have more fun — whether that means cheering Ginny on at the end of a date or pushing her face into a birthday cake. And Ginny, for her part, is pretty Rory-esque. Quieter and perhaps more studious.

Probably the most striking similarity to Gilmore Girls in the trailer, other than the teenage mother/teenage daughter premise, was the appearance of Ginny's dad, who shows up wearing a leather jacket à la Christopher Hayden. "The only man I've ever seen her love is my dad, and that never ends well," Ginny says in a voice over.

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Learn from Lorelai, Georgia, stay away from man babies in leather jackets who don't pay child support! And, also, don't lie to your daughter. That never ends well.

Ginny & Georgia premieres on Netflix Feb. 24.


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