Dan Levy Is Hosting 'SNL' & I Need  A 'Schitt's Creek' Sketch Starring These Cast Members

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Dan Levy Is Hosting 'SNL' & I Need A 'Schitt's Creek' Sketch Starring These Cast Members

The Rose family is heading back to New York City. Schitt's Creek star Dan Levy will host Saturday Night Live on Feb. 6, with musical guest Phoebe Bridgers, and while it's possible he could bring the Roses with him, odds are that an SNL Schitt's Creek sketch will have to utilize the sketch comedy series' own cast members. So, in preparation for Levy's big night, I have decided to fancast the Rose family with SNL players. In the immortal words of Alexis Rose, "Are you ready? Let's do it."

If this were a normal year, I would say that Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, and Annie Murphy had a duty to fly to NYC and reprise their roles as Johnny, Moira, and Alexis for a quick cameo. But, given that there's a global pandemic that makes international travel a bitch — the Schitt's Creek crew is all from Canada — I'll let it go for now. Still, despite the cast's potential absence, with Levy as host it would be an absolute crime if SNL didn't do some kind of Schitt's Creek parody sketch, and I think these cast members could definitely step up to make it happen.

Johnny Rose — Dan Levy

Image: Screenshot via Netflix

The SNL cast is full of talented men, but let's face it: there is no replacing those signature Levy eyebrows. The only man for the job would be Dan Levy himself.

Moira Rose — Kate McKinnon

Images: Kyle Dubiel/NBC; Screenshot via Netflix

If we've learned anything from the annual "OMG, did you know Moira Rose was the mom in Home Alone?" discourse, it's that there is only one Catherine O'Hara. But when O'Hara cannot be found, SNL standout Kate McKinnon is a pretty good backup. Just imagine her in those famous Moira wigs!

Alexis Rose — Chloe Fineman

Image: Screenshot via Netflix; Kyle Dubiel/NBC

Chloe Fineman has proven herself to be a master of impressions, and there's no question she'd nail Alexis Rose's valley girl vibes and vocal fry.

David Rose — Bowen Yang

Images: Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC; Screenshot via Netflix

If there's one SNL cast member who can pull off Levy's delightfully annoyed and judging facial expressions, it's Bowen Yang. Plus, you know he'd look damn good in David's signature black and white sweaters.

SNL does a Rose family reunion? Love that journey for me.


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