What's On Jughead's Laptop On 'Riverdale' & Why Does It Involve Taxes?

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What's On Jughead's Laptop On 'Riverdale' & Why Does It Involve Taxes?

There is nothing more refreshing than being nosy. When a coworker shares a screen over Zoom and you don't look at their desktop to see what you can glean about their personal life? That, my friend, is a missed opportunity.

But the thrill of looking at someone's computer desktop extends beyond your coworker — it also includes your favorite characters from TV.

While revisiting the Riverdale pilot for The Dipp's TV. Watch. Repeat. podcast, it came to my attention that Jughead's desktop is completely visible to the casual Riverdale fan, not once, but twice throughout the episode. (Once when Jughead is delivering the opening monologue that explains Jason Blossom's disappearance at Sweetwater River, and once at the end of the episode, when Archie sits with him at Pop's.)

At the risk of sounding dramatic, seeing Jughead's desktop during the pilot changed everything for me. I paused my viewing. I got real close to my computer (didn't help anything, but made the next phrase a little more dramatic). And I screenshotted my computer screen.

My friends, it did not disappoint.

The Desktop

First of all, I must ask: What in the living hell is Jughead's desktop background? It's giving off some major I-haven't-changed-it-since-I-bought-the-laptop-oh-also-I-may-be-a-serial-killer vibes that I am, personally, not comfortable with. Go to your System Preferences, kid, and put something a little more personable on there. You're a teenager — live a little!

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