These 'Euphoria' Season 2 Finale Predictions & Theories Are Spot On

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These 'Euphoria' Season 2 Finale Predictions & Theories Are Spot On

Get your cat eye glitter makeup ready, put on that fuzzy crop top and fishnets, and grab a red SOLO cup filled with jungle juice because it is time for the Season 2 finale of Euphoria after a long, anxiety driven season. What's going to happen with Maddy and Cassie is only the bear minimum of the questions we need answers to in the Euphoria final.

And the finale trailer is chaotic, at best.

Luckily for us, Reddit is the most entertaining thing to ever happen to the internet and people have some very interesting theories out there. So without further ado, here are the good, the bad, and the ugly Reddit predictions for the Euphoria finale...

Oh, and check out The Dipp's own Euphoria community, where subscribers are sharing their thoughts, feelings, and theories about the show. If you have opinions about whether or not Jules deserves Rue, or feel some type of way about the lack of speaking lines for Kitten Kween, or you feel strongly about who the top-tier characters really are ... there's something for you.

OK, on to the Reddit predictions for how Season 2 wraps up.

The Good (Happy)

Except for predictions about Rue going to rehab, Cassie having some sort of redemption story, and Kate and Ethan getting back together, this is basically the only good thing people are predicting.

The Bad (Sad)

Tons of people think Ash is going to die in the raid, but I can't bring myself to go there 🥺.

When I read this last one my jaw actually hit the floor because of how plausible this all sounds. And devastating.

The Ugly (Chaotic)

Omg can you imagine Ash and Suze scenes? Iconic.

Ok, so a lot of these are all over the place, but I definitely think some of them are going to come to fruition. My own personal take is that Cassie 100% storms the stage, followed by Maddy and Kat, and they all get into a physical altercation. Nate is going to do something very violent, potentially killing someone. There is a police raid at Fez's house — which at this point has been all but proven.

Someone, or multiple people, will die.

The Laurie storyline is going to come up in someway and I do think people close to Rue will get caught in the crossfires, but I think this may be teased at the end of the finale and then resolved in Season 3. There is just too much to tie up here.

Drop your Euphoria predictions in the community!

Images: Reddit, HBO

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