9 'Euphoria' Season 3 Theories After That Season 2 Showdown & Shootout

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9 'Euphoria' Season 3 Theories After That Season 2 Showdown & Shootout

Spoilers ahead for the Euphoria Season 2 finale.

As fans predicted, there were two deaths in the Season 2 finale of Euphoria – the police shootout prompted by Custer's death led to Ashtray's demise – and while those may have given clarity on Fezco's storyline, there's still plenty of open-ended questions that we need answered. To that end, there are already many theories for Euphoria Season 3 swirling about, starting, of course, with Rue.

Unlike the Season 1 finale of Euphoria, Season 2 ended with the promise of sobriety for Rue as she seemed to kiss Jules goodbye. But will Rue be clean by the time the HBO show returns for a third installment (which, by the way, is slated for 2024)?

And what about everyone else? Lexi's play threw the core friend group into chaos with their secrets being exposed to East Highland (thanks, Lexi, for reminding us at home about the name of the school) and Nate turning his father over to the authorities.

It's going to be a long time before the next season airs (it'll probably feel like the same amount of time it took for Elliot to sing that dang song), so while you settle in for the two year wait, here are nine theories on what could happen in Euphoria Season 3.

Cal & Fez Will Be In Prison Together

Nate turned his dad into the police and Fez will likely serve some time (assuming he survives his bullet wound, which he will). Although this might not make sense in the real world, if you have two characters both serving time in jail, it makes sense in the TV world for them to interact... especially since they have an established antagonistic relationship.

Perhaps they form an unexpected friendship in prison together, or, since the media has demonstrated that it's not the best to be a child sex offender in prison, Fez may be a witness to Cal's treatment in prison.

Fez Won't Go To Jail

Although it seems like Fez could be in jail for quite some time, TheRealTaliaGhoul on Reddit pointed out that Fez said in Episode 5 that he doesn't keep drugs in the house anymore when Rue was desperate for a fix. So the raid on his house would come up empty in that respect. Fez also didn't kill Mouse or Custer — the latter is something Faye can attest to from seeing it with her own eyes (not to mention Faye already claimed Laurie killed Mouse).

While Fez might be hesitant to blame Ash for everything, Ash did kill those two men while Fez tried to deescalate the situation. It also looked like Custer may have dropped a recording device in the planters inside of Fez's house in Episode 7, so that could further prove that Fez isn't a murderer.

So, there is a world where Fezco is a free person when Season 3 begins.

Fexi Will Be Complicated By Ethan

The fate of Fez and Lexi's romantic prospects (Fexi) relies heavily on whether or not Fez is in jail at the beginning of Season 3. If he is, Lexi may still try to make something work... especially since he lost his brother. But what if, back at East Highland, she starts getting close to her star actor, Ethan.

You know her mom Suze would approve. That could leave her in a tough spot with Fez and potentially cause conflict between her and Kat.

Cassie & Maddy Will Team Up Against Nate

Maddy told Cassie that Nate's breakup with her at Lexi's play was "just the beginning," which will be true if they have the same rollercoaster relationship that Maddy had with him. But while the BFFs are not friends as of Season 2, what if Nate does something so heinous to Cassie that Maddy rises to her defense?

Their friendship triumphing over Nate's toxic-ness might be too optimistic a storyline for Euphoria, but I'd love to see Cassie choose herself and/or her friendship over a boy's approval. And after Cassie's display on stage at Lexi's play, she's going to need all the friends that she can get.

Nate Will Fixate On Jules Again

With Nate having a flash drive of his father's videos, it seems Nate lied to Jules that she had the only copy of their taped sexual encounter. (Unless Nate didn't include Jules in the tape and the police arrested Cal for taping illegal sexual encounters with sex workers without their consent.)

If Jules's tape was included in the ones the police got, her identity should be protected because she's a minor. But it will probably still mess with her head and she'll confront Nate about it. I want Jules to have a storyline separate from Nate, but with Cal's arrest, it seems the door is open for Nate and Jules to interact more.

Whether that's in a negative or a positive way remains to be seen... though, with Nate, it's almost always negative.

Kat's Camgirl Lifestyle Will Be Exposed

Kat didn't get to do much in Season 2 besides hate dating Ethan. But the flashes of her in Lexi's play in Episode 7 indicate she's back to camming. No one knows about this side of her life, so what would happen if one of her friends figured it out? Or, could the creepy client from Season 1 who refused to be on camera pose a threat to her, so she has to seek help from someone?

Considering the rumors that Barbie Ferreira clashed with showrunner Sam Levinson on set and that's why Kat was so absent in Season 2, she better get more screentime in Season 3 — of the cam variety or otherwise.

Laurie Will Come For Her Money

The finale ignored any possible fallout from Rue taking drugs from Laurie and not paying her back, so this is a plot that's in desperate need of some follow-up. After all, Laurie made it very clear that she'd get her money back from Rue one way or another. So Rue will either need to pay her back... or it's possible something even more sinister could happen with Laurie kidnapping her for sex trafficking.

The finale did offer one way this plot could be resolved without too much pain inflicted on Rue. When Custer was secretly on the phone with the police, Faye pinned Mouse's death on Laurie (go Faye!). That could lead the authorities to investigate Laurie, which may distract the confirmed drug dealer/possible sex trafficker from the measly thousands of dollars that Rue still owes her.

Rue Will Relapse

The last lines of the season had Rue saying in voiceover that she stayed sober for the rest of the school year. "I stayed clean through the rest of the school year. I wish I could say that was a decision I made. In some ways, it was just easier." Because she uses the past tense and has an end time, it implies that she goes back to using.

Will that be in the story that Season 3 is covering, or some other time in the future? Presumably the former. And the future of Rue staying sober has been portrayed as very bleak.

There Will Be A Time Jump

The last lines by Rue also imply that there might be a time jump once the show returns. The actors are obviously all beyond high school age, so jumping in time makes sense practically. (Though with Ashtray's death — RIP! — the need to move time forward may be less pressing.)

If the show skipped to summer, it wouldn't change that much. But if the show went to the next school year, that would presumably mean that Cassie, Nate, and Maddy wouldn't be around as much or they'd be separated by college since they're supposed to be seniors. So, Euphoria Season 3 taking place in the summer after this most recent school year might make the most sense.

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