How Will Maddy Get Back At Nate On 'Euphoria'? Here Are Some Theories...

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How Will Maddy Get Back At Nate On 'Euphoria'? Here Are Some Theories...

The relationship between Maddy Perez and Nate Jacobs on Euphoria has never exactly been safe or healthy, but Season 2 gave the toxic couple a whole new set of complications. Nate is sleeping with Cassie, Maddy's best friend, and as of Season 2's "Stand Still Like the Hummingbird," Maddy is well aware — thanks to Rue's spiteful, withdrawal-fueled confession.

As Nate once put it, Maddy will spend the rest of her life plotting to kill him if she were to ever find out about him hooking up with her BFF. Now, she knows — and short of actual murder, how will Maddy seek her revenge?

It would be wrong to say that Nate is in anyway a victim in this situation. He's regularly emotionally and physically abusive towards Maddy, and the best decision would be for Maddy to cut him off completely. Yet this is Euphoria, where bad decisions abound, and Maddy's revenge seems inevitable. So how might she toy with Nate? Here are just a few ideas...

Maddy Sets Nate Up At Her Babysitting Job

Earlier in the season, we saw Maddy babysitting at a wealthy couple's home. One of her favorite pass times was trying on the mother's jewelry, clothes, and other expensive trinkets. This isn't surprising, as we know that Maddy loves luxury and hopes to one day live exactly as these parents do. Yet it is interesting that Maddy has access to all of these nice things, right when Rue was just caught breaking into the home of a very wealthy couple who looked quite similar to the ones Maddy is babysitting for. Could Maddy set Nate up to make it look like he stole from this couple? We know that Maddy is comfortable lying, and that Nate has already been to that house...perhaps it's all foreshadowing for some greater Maddy-Nate plot.

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Maddy Releases Cal's Tape

Maddy is currently in possession of Cal's sex tape with Jules, which it seems is at least partially why Nate had to protect his secret relationship with Cassie — Maddy could totally destroy his family by releasing the tape. This seems like the most obvious way that Maddy could seek revenge on Nate, however, it's worth pointing out that Cal basically just destroyed his relationship with his family earlier in the season. (No doubt due in part to his head injury.) Would Nate really care that much about protecting his father, after Cal basically disavowed his family, confessed his extramarital affairs, and peed in the middle of their foyer? Unclear. Plus, now that Maddy and Jules are pals, she may or may not want to ruin her life in the process of hurting Nate.

Maddy Teams Up With Fez

We've been so focused on Lexi and Fez's will-they-won't-they relationship that we've almost forgotten that Maddy and Fez now have a common enemy in Nate. Fez nearly killed Nate in the first episode of Season 2, and the only thing that really stopped him from not seeking Nate out to finish the job was a threat from Cal. Now, Cal doesn't seem so inclined to protect Nate (especially after he was smacked in the head repeatedly by Ashtray when he dared to have a confrontation with him and Fez) with may leave Nate vulnerable. If Maddy and Fez team up to take down Nate, just think of the chaos that could unleash. I'll grab the popcorn.

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