This Theory About Cassie On 'Euphoria' May Make Nate's Dream Come True

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This Theory About Cassie On 'Euphoria' May Make Nate's Dream Come True

The relationship (if you can call it that) between Cassie and Nate on Euphoria has sent fans into a tailspin. For one thing, Cassie is straight-up lying to her best friend Maddy about hooking up with her very recent ex — and that's not even taking into account the fact that Nate has proven himself to be a toxic, abusive sociopath time and time again. The vibes are all around bad — and, umm, the show may be hinting at things getting a lot more complicated for this already ill-fated couple. Could a Nate and Cassie baby be a reality?

It was a reality in Season 2, Episode 2 — well, a dream reality, anyway. After Nate was pummeled by Fezco, he had an injury-induced dream in which he and Cassie were excitedly preparing for a bundle of joy, with Cassie sporting a big pregnancy belly. (Actress Sydney Sweeney documented the fascinating prosthetic process on Instagram.)

The scene was intended to show that Nate was serious about Cassie — which is a bit confusing, considering he breaks up with her later in the episode. (Even if, uh, he then has sex with her after breaking up with her. These kids.) Yet it's not the only time that pregnancy is hinted at throughout the show. Maddy muses about how she would look "hot" pregnant. BB recalls when she got pregnant. Neither, however, are aware that Cassie herself was pregnant with her now ex-boyfriend McKay's baby, and had an abortion.

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Cassie becoming pregnant with Nate's baby might seem like a rehashing of a Season 1 plot point for that reason — or, perhaps, it's a way for the show to illustrate just how far Cassie would go to be loved. Maddy tells Cassie as much while the two are floating in the hot tub together — she can't stay single, Maddy says, because she just loves to be loved too much. A baby, however, could be the source of the unconditional love that Cassie is chasing — and, given that she lost out on the opportunity to have a baby with McKay, she could decide to go through with it now that Nate is the father.

Sure, Cassie would need to have pretty bad luck to get pregnant accidentally twice in less than a year, but we don't really know what precautions her and Nate are taking to ensure that sort of thing doesn't happen. For all of his manipulation tactics, Nate has a tendency towards recklessness when it comes to his emotions, and Cassie's Achilles heel has always been the approval of the guy she's dating. Whether Cassie and Nate end up linked together by a baby or not — there's no way this romance ends well.

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