The Most Iconic 'Emily In Paris' Fashion Moments In The Season 2 Trailer, Including A Dior Vespa

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The Most Iconic 'Emily In Paris' Fashion Moments In The Season 2 Trailer, Including A Dior Vespa

The fashion in Emily in Paris is, how do you say it, très magnifique. From the berets to the designer gowns, Emily — a mid-level marketing 20-something plucked from Chicago and transported into the City of Love — knows how to dress.

That's why when I saw the Season 2 trailer for Emily in Paris, all I could really notice was the fashion moments. The colors — bolder than ever. The silhouettes — fascinating for a workplace. The hats — still iconic.

So I went through and grabbed all of the best fashion moments from the teaser below. Consider this the amuse-bouche of what's to come in the second season, which premieres on Netflix on Dec. 22.

This jacket, dress, and *squints* flat?

This outfit is actually quite tame for our girl Emily. The dress gives me "high school garden party" while the jacket gives me "I didn't know it was cold, so I threw this on without looking. It was my grandma's" vibes. I will not be commenting on the flats.

The most colorful girl at lunch

I love this bright green and hot pink Lilly Pulizter-meets-the-'80s look. I love it especially compared to all of the obvious business men sitting in the restaurant around Emily. Standing out was never a problem for this American in Paris.

The tulle shawl

Is it too cold for bare arms? Is it too warm for no jacket? Emily's decisiveness has become more evident in this pink tulle wrap.

This stunning colorful coat

Now this is incredible. And once again, makes her stand out among normal Parisians and tourists going about their day. That's the Emily we love to see.

The return of the beret

It wouldn't be an Emily in Paris fashion moment without a beret. I love this mustard hat with a short-sleeved rain coat. Is it practical? Maybe not. But does it look great next to whomever this handsome mystery man is? Oui.

The black and white bucket hat

The magic of Emily in Paris is that this hat is either made by some incredible designer and costs $500 and or is from the Hot Topic at your local mall. Either way, should be easy to recreate!

A red moment

Emily's incredible black tulle dress in Season 1 has some competition when it comes to this bold red dress she's wearing next to a... pregnant Kate Walsh?

This work ensemble

She's never heard of Loft, and that's not her problem. Especially when she's wearing Valentino Garavani heels that cost just under $2,000.

A GNO purple dress

Love this purple ensemble for a girls' night out. Judging by how chummy they all look, I take it this happens before Camille learns of Emily's passionate evening with Gabriel.

The Dior Vespa

Ringing in at $10,000 according to Input Mag, this limited-edition scooter somehow ended up with a 22 year old riding around Paris. Dior and Vespa partnered to make this Vespa 946 scooter, which was unveiled this year, and costs about double a normal Vespa cost, but far be it from Emily to not ride in style. Unfortunately, her paycheck took even more of a hit, since the Dior helmet she's wearing — adorned with the signature Dior oblique canvas — was sold separately (in boutiques only). When in Paris, right?

Images: Netflix

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