Every Single Outfit Emily Wears In 'Emily In Paris' (You're Welcome) — Photos

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Every Single Outfit Emily Wears In 'Emily In Paris' (You're Welcome) — Photos

Pray to the Patron Saint of Giant Chanel Flowers, and feel blessed this quarantine Friday that we have the release of Emily in Paris on Netflix to thank for our much-needed escapism. Because the latest series from Younger and Sex and the City creator Darren Star also has something in common with the series that brought you newspaper dresses, pink tulle tutus, and an incredibly uncomfortable half hour back in 1998 when you and your parents decided to watch that new HBO show together: Patricia Field.

The 78-year-old fashion icon and designer is not only credited with making Carrie & Co. look as fabulous as they did (even in a distressingly confusing Heidi dress), but she also styled Lily Collins' title character in the new Netflix series as well, along with Marilyn Fitoussi. And, boy, is Emily styled — even though the new series runs for just 10 episodes, the lead character wears an incredible 52 looks, and we've captured a list of all of Emily Cooper's outfits.

Emily's wardrobe tells its own story too. As Fitoussi said in a Netflix press note, "Since Chicago, we saw how strong [Emily's] personality was. And Paris didn't completely transform her. We didn't want to have a before and after Emily, as Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada. During her stay in Paris, her style evolved, but in a subtle way."

Watch the new series streaming on Netflix for some true escapism (you can taste the champagne, croissants, and confounding lack of cheese just watching it), and take the sartorial journey along with us via a whopping 132 photos.

Scroll on below, and, yes, I impulse purchased a beret too! What a world, in this year of our Lord 2020.

Episode 1

"Emily in Paris"

The things Emily does for fashion. Like wear a chic but extremely heavy Nike jacket while running 5+ miles in late August or early September, based on the fact that the series is set around the MLB playoffs. But, immediately upon arriving in Paris, Emily ups her game, trading flannel (so Midwest!) with maxis and colorful prints.

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

Outfit #3

Outfit #4

Outfit #5

Outfit #6

Episode 2

"Masculin Féminin"

Emily clearly favors the latter and steps it up in the second episode of the series with to-die-for accessories and a nostalgic dress. (According to Netflix, Emily's black tulle skirt is an homage to Carrie Bradshaw's iconic pink tutu.) Lily Collins might be the official star of Emily in Paris, but Outfit #11's hat steals the entire series if you ask me (even if Field has said via Netflix that Outfit #8, a deconstructed Dope Tavio, is her favorite).

Outfit #7

Outfit #8

Outfit #9

Outfit #10

Outfit #11

Outfit #12

Outfit #13

Episode 3

"Sexy or Sexist"

The One Where Emily Wears Her First Beret. Her transformation into stylish Parisian is beginning... despite a major misstep in the opening seconds of the episode.

Outfit #7... Again! Mon Dieu!

Outfit #14

Outfit #15

Outfit #16

Outfit #17

Outfit #18

Outfit #19

Episode 4

"A Kiss Is Just A Kiss"

The episode starts with flowers, and continues with an A+ Chanel scarf. You see, Emily's blossoming!

Outfit #20

Outfit #21

Outfit #22

Episode 5

"Faux Amis"

Emily briefly returns to plaid (a good reminder that she's mid-way through her 10-episode transition), but also learns how to tie a scarf the French way.

Outfit #23

Outfit #24

Outfit #25

Episode 6


Emily retreats further into her plaid roots during the same episode that she struggles with love and is accused of being "basic" by Pierre Cadault, but emerges, aptly, like a swan while going to see Swan Lake.

Outfit #26

Outfit #27

Outfit #28

Outfit #29

Outfit #30

Outfit #31

Episode 7

"French Ending"

Emily's fashion takes a bit of a backseat as she focuses on getting her career back afloat. See: bucket hat.

Outfit #32

Outfit #33

Outfit #34

Outfit #35

Episode 8

"Family Affair"

Emily gets comfortable in knitwear while heading to wine country — but we get uncomfortable watching her get too cozy with Camille's underaged brother. Perhaps it's worth it, though, for the puffy white button-up?

Outfit #36

Outfit #37

Outfit #38

Outfit #39

Outfit #40

Outfit #41

Episode 9

"An American Auction in Paris"

Emily gets bold while setting up the Louvre auction with some serious color blocking, then stuns in a Pierre Cadault couture original.

Outfit #42

Outfit #43

Outfit #44

Outfit #45

Outfit #46

Outfit #47

Episode 10

"Cancel Couture"

Emily wears four — FOUR! — berets in the final episode. The transformation is complete.

Outfit #48

Outfit #49

Outfit #50

Outfit #51

Outfit #52

Main Image: Carole Bethuel/Netflix

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