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7 'Emily In Paris' Season 3 Theories, Because It's Decision Time For Emily

No pressure, Em, but you've got a big decision to make. Emily in Paris Season 2 ended with the cheerful ex-pat on the verge of making a major life decision: continue her plan of working in Paris for a year before returning to Chicago and a nice, big promotion, or ditch Madeline and Savoir to join Sylvie at her new firm? I know which way I want Emily to go in Season 3, but the marketing exec may be heading back to Chicago after she discovered Gabriel and Camille are officially back together.

Compared to last season's cliffhanger, Season 2 is far juicier because it could switch up the entire dynamic of the series. If Emily stays with Madeline's Americanized version of Savoir then she'll be in direct competition with Sylvie, Luc, and Julien. And if she leaves the company behind? Then she's committing to starting a real life in Paris, not just a temporary one.

Add in Mindy's ongoing visa issue, the impending clash between Sylvie and Madeline, and the Camille and Gabriel of it all, and Emily in Paris Season 3 has the potential to be the most dramatic season yet. Here are just a few things I hope happen when Emily returns for another year of Parisian adventures.

1.Emily Needs To Take Sylvie's Job Offer

Watching Emily compete with her mentor could be appealing, but seeing her choose to stay in Paris because she has fallen in love with the city would be even better. If Em turns down Sylvie's job offer just because Gabriel is unavailable that would be a huge mistake. She has a major opportunity to take her career and life in a new direction, and I want to see her have the confidence to take that leap for herself, not because it could lead to a future with her hot chef later on.

2. It's Time To Introduce Emily 2.0

Kate Walsh is a treasure, and Season 3 needs to give viewers more Madeline. She's the perfect foil for Sylvie, and if Emily leaves her side, she could prove to be a terrific foil for her protégé as well. Now that she's taking over Savoir, Madeline is going to need a new crop of execs to help her steer the ship, and that opens the door for a new bright-eyed American to enter the picture.

Think Emily, but better. Someone who knows French, avoids messy romantic entanglements, and has an even bigger Instagram following. Could Emily handle being rendered rengarde in comparison to her former boss' new hire? I for one want to find out.

3. Mindy In Paris Has A Nice Ring To It Doesn't It?

The extra Mindy time was much appreciated this year, and now it's time to take things a step further. Emily needs to cede the spotlight to her pal for at least one episode, in which Mindy takes over the lead role. Given her ongoing Visa situation, budding music career, and drama with her dad, it's past time to see how the runaway heiress navigates Paris while her best friend is driving Vespas and attending French class. Also, the show will get a million bonus points if she solves her visa problem by becoming Madeline's au pair.

4. Sylvie & Her Husband Reunite

Forget Antoine, Sylvie's husband is sexy as hell and their chemistry is smoking hot. Why has she been hiding this man? As much as I enjoyed her time with her photographer boyfriend in Season 2, it would be a blast to see her history with Laurent explored. Why did they choose not to get divorced? How often do they hang out? Are they still as in love with each other as they look? I need answers.

5. Emily Takes A Trip To London

Emily has taken Paris by storm, now it's time to pay London a visit. Given how she rushed to confess her love to Gabriel, it seems like she may have broken up with Alfie off-camera. However, it would be a shame for such a terrific character not to get a proper goodbye — and besides, a visit to London could be exactly what Emily needs to clear her head after the Gabriel reveal and receiving a life-changing job offer.

6. Camille Kicks Gabriel To The Curb For Good

Camille is strong, kind, and fierce, but Gabriel dims her light. The show's resident hot chef is no good for her, and it's past time for her to permanently kick him to the curb. Yes, they have history, but most of it is toxic, and it would be so satisfying to see Camille finally embrace the bright future she'll have without her jerky ex in it.

7. Savoir Gives Sylvie More Competition Than She Expected

Right now, Sylvie seems poised to come out on top with her new firm, but that's way too easy. It would be more interesting to see Savoir flourish under Madeline's leadership, leading Sylvie to reexamine some of her past business decisions — like giving her lover a big price break. If the show makes her company successful too fast, then viewers are going to miss out on seeing Madeline and Sylvie go head to head for clients — and come on, who doesn't want to see more of Walsh and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu sparring?

Between the romance drama and Emily's looming career decision, Emily in Paris Season 3 has an opportunity to raise the stakes for everyone on the show — now let's hope the writers seize it.

Images: Carole Bethuel/Netflix; Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix; Netflix

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