'Cruel Summer' Reddit Theories Prove People Have No Idea Who To Trust

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'Cruel Summer' Reddit Theories Prove People Have No Idea Who To Trust

Who do you trust on Cruel Summer? If you're like many fans, the answer, likely, is pretty much no one. The story, after all, is built on the idea that someone is lying about something awful. Is Kate telling the whole truth? Did Jeanette really see Kate and lie about it? Are the other people in the girls' lives totally innocent? Well, I scanned the internet and pulled together some of the craziest Cruel Summer Reddit theories ahead of Episode 5 to see what could be true, what may be true, and what is probably not at all true.

While Kate and Jeanette may be the focus of the show, they're far from the only players, or should I say suspects, in these theories. Is Jeanette's former BFF Mallory, who is now besties with Kate, somehow involved in all the drama? What about Kate's mother Joy, who is hiding her affair from her wealthy former football player husband? And was Martin really working alone to kidnap Kate, or could someone else be the mastermind?

Right now, Cruel Summer is giving us no concrete answers, but let's see what fans think.

Kate's Mom Is Seriously Evil

If there's one thing we know about Kate's mom Joy, it's that she wants to keep her social status at any cost — including having her daughter lie about her extramarital affair. But what if Kate's mom is more than just vapid and shallow? Redditor BigGur221 thinks it's possible that Martin's father, who Martin says died by suicide with a gun, was actually killed by Joy, a noted hunter. Given that Kate's biological father is also dead, it's possible Martin's dad is Kate's dad — though exactly how that would work is unclear.

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