Is Mallory Involved In Kate's Kidnapping On 'Cruel Summer'? Here's Why We're Suspicious

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Is Mallory Involved In Kate's Kidnapping On 'Cruel Summer'? Here's Why We're Suspicious

Whether you believe Jeanette Turner is guilty of hiding Kate Wallis' kidnapping, or are convinced that Kate is lying about Jeanette seeing her while she was in captivity, there's still so much of the mystery to unpack. Right now, however, my attention isn't on Jeanette or Kate: Instead, it's I'm suspicious of Mallory on Cruel Summer, who went from being Jeanette's BFF to Kate's new favorite person in the course of a year.

In Episode 4 "You Don't Hunt, You Don't Eat," it's revealed that Kate and Mallory befriended one another shortly after Kate was rescued from her kidnapper Martin's basement. Given that Mallory proclaimed to hate Kate earlier this season, it's an odd twist. Of course, enemies-to-besties is hardly a new narrative for teen dramas, but it is worth examining — especially since there are certain things about Mallory in this episode that could potentially be red flags.

Here's why I'm keeping an extra eye on Mallory this episode.

Mallory & Kate Have A Past

Earlier in the season, Mallory tells Vince that she hates how Jeanette turned into Kate 2.0, because the original Kate was awful to begin with. The weird thing is, we never really get to know why Mallory hated Kate so much — unlike plenty of popular mean girls on TV, Kate seems nothing but nice. So, uh, why does Mallory hate Kate so much? That's the mystery — but there could be a clue in this episode.

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