Why Does Kate Have Jeanette's Necklace On ‘Cruel Summer’? Here Are My Top Theories

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Why Does Kate Have Jeanette's Necklace On ‘Cruel Summer’? Here Are My Top Theories

Never before has a mall kiosk necklace held so much weight in a kidnapping investigation. Alas, that's how it is on Freeform's latest mystery series Cruel Summer: Jeanette's necklace that reads "You Go Girl!" could hold the answers to whether Jeanette Turner really saw Kate Wallis while she was being held captive by her assistant principal Martin.

In Episode 2, Kate reveals to the police that Jeanette dropped her necklace while she was fleeing Martin's house, and presents it as proof that her story about Jeanette hiding her kidnapping from the world is legit. Yet things can't possibly be that simple. If Kate is telling the truth, well... that's the show, folks. And we know that Cruel Summer is going to force its audience to switch allegiances from Kate to Jeanette and back again — which means that there's likely something very interesting going on with this necklace.

Fortunately, there are plenty of possible Cruel Summer theories about this necklace — one of them has to be close to correct. Here are the top ones...

Kate Framed Jeanette With the Necklace, But She Really Saw Her In the Basement

Jeanette's friends Mallory and Vince bought her the necklace for her birthday in the summer of 1993. Kate compliments the necklace when she and Jeanette run into each other during a workout class — which means Kate clocked the specifics of the necklace. Maybe Kate really did believe she saw Jeanette in the basement, but didn't have any way to convince the police that she was telling the truth. If so, Kate could have picked up a similar necklace at the mall and claimed it was Jeanette's. Given that quite a lot of people believe Kate's side of the story — enough to make Jeanette a total social pariah — it wasn't that risky of a move...unless, of course, Jeanette can present the real necklace.

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