Henry Cavill's Girlfriend Was On 'My Super Sweet 16' & We Found The Video To Prove It

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Henry Cavill's Girlfriend Was On 'My Super Sweet 16' & We Found The Video To Prove It

Nothing lasts forever... unless you starred in an iconic reality television show in the early 2000s. That kind of thing stays with you. Just ask Natalie Viscuso, who recently went public with her relationship with Superman. Henry Cavill and Viscuso went Instagram official on Sunday, April 11, and it wasn't long before reality TV fans started to identify Viscuso as a My Super Sweet 16 alum.

Natalie appeared in Season 1, Episode 5, during which she threw an extravagant Sweet 16 party that included flying from California to Las Vegas to go shopping for the perfect dress, and inviting almost everyone in school — except the freshman. That's key. The drama of the episode, which aired in 2005, revolved around Natalie's insistence that there be no freshman allowed. So, when she saw a group of freshman girls, she did not rest until every single one of them was kicked out by security. It was so iconic, it got her into MTV's official ranking of My Super Sweet 16's Biggest Meltdowns — she's number seven.

[video Embed]

In the 16 years since her nationally televised meltdown, Viscuso has graduated from USC and established herself in Hollywood. She's currently working as Vice President of television and digital studios at Legendary Entertainment, which might explain how she met Cavill. (Legendary Entertainment produced Man of Steel.) It just goes to show, you never really know how a person's going to turn out, even if their sixteenth birthday party is so expensive and absurd it is broadcast on national television.

Viscuso's episode of My Super Sweet 16 is currently available to buy on Amazon Prime for $1.99. And let me tell you, it's worth every penny. Enjoy! (Unless you're a freshmen, then GTFO.)


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Image: Henry Cavill/Instagram

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