'Riverdale' Writer Teases What's In Store For Bughead When The Show Returns

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'Riverdale' Writer Teases What's In Store For Bughead When The Show Returns

The Bughead ship was initially one of the most surprising romances in the CW's TV adaption of the Archie Comics. After all, Riverdale's Betty and Jughead weren't romantically involved in the source material, with Betty spending most of her time pining after Archie and Jughead spending most of his time inhaling a lot of hamburgers. Riverdale, however, gave these two characters plenty to connect over; they both felt like outsiders in their own right, and both had a darkness that, back in the day, wasn't exactly accepted by a Riverdale that loved to pretend it really was the "small town with pep" it purported to be on its sign. They spent their time together sleuthing, solving mysteries, and yes, hooking up in the bedroom they ended up sharing in the same house.

Alas, post seven-year time jump, Betty and Jughead's relationship is no more. While Betty spent a few weeks answering Barchie shippers' prayers (as in, Betty and Archie finally had steamy shower sex) Jughead was seemingly on the road to a new romance with Tabitha. While the former lovers crossed paths, with Jughead aiding Betty in her investigation of her sister Polly's disappearance, Bughead supporters were left with merely crumbs of what once was between these two. And since one such crumb was Jughead hallucinating making out with Betty while under the influence of "maple mushrooms," it doesn't bode too well for the former couple.

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