8 'Bridgerton' Season 3 Theories That Will Keep The Ton Talking

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8 'Bridgerton' Season 3 Theories That Will Keep The Ton Talking

And just like that dear readers, a second season of Bridgerton has come to a close. Much like the ton in the winter, things will no doubt be quiet on the (already confirmed) Season 3 spoiler front until filming begins. In the meantime, I have some theories about what might happen in Bridgerton Season 3.

Unlike the end of Season 1, Season 2 didn't give viewers a definitive answer about which Bridgerton sibling will find love next. While Benedict is next up at the plate in Julia Quinn's bestselling book series, executive producer Shonda Rhimes and showrunner Chris Van Dusen recently hinted in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the show won't be following the order of the books after all. "We're not necessarily going in order but we are going to be seeing each of the siblings and their stories," Rhimes said.

Rhimes' cagey answer coupled with the one-two punch of Eloise discovering Penelope is Lady Whistledown and Penelope overhearing Colin being a jerk with his society pals suggest Pen and Colin's slow burn romance could be the focus of Season 3. With that in mind, here are a few twists Lady Whistledown might be writing about when Season 3 premieres on Netflix sometime next year.

Could Lady Whistledown Receive Some Competition?

In Romancing Mr. Bridgerton, Penelope goes head-to-head with a faux Lady Whistledown. Now that Eloise knows Pen is the one behind the gossip sheet, the stage is set not only for her identity to be revealed, but also for someone else to either impersonate Whistledown or debut a rival gossip sheet. With the youngest Featherington doubling down on her secret identity after having a falling out with her best friend and hearing Colin declare he would never court her, it would be fitting if someone stepped up to challenge her reign as the ton's answer to Gossip Girl.

That person could be any number of people from the equally secretive modiste Genevieve Delacroix to Queen Charlotte herself (honestly, I'm shocked she hasn't already tried to smoke the real Lady Whistledown out with this tactic). What matters most is that a second Whistledown entering the ring would give Penelope a mystery to solve and a reason to shrug off the wallflower identity that London society has saddled her with.

It's About Time For Lady Featherington To Discover Her Daughter's Secret Identity

Lady Featherington stood up for her daughters at the end of Season 2, but that doesn't mean she's losing her edge. She'll always be a crafty survivor, and soon she's going to be faced with money troubles all over again. Which is why she would be both shocked and delighted to find Penelope's stash of cash.

From her perspective, Lady Whistledown could be used for blackmail purposes. If Penelope's mother catches wind of her daughter's secret identity, then you better believe she'll try and force Pen to use her talents to extort money from the richest members of society. This could put Penelope in a position where she has to choose to walk away from her family (disgracing them and herself in the process) or stay and do her mother's bidding.

Colin Might End Up Partnering With Will

Poor Will is left adrift in Season 2. I suspect he would have had a bigger role to play if his pal Simon hadn't permanently moved to the country never to be seen again. Instead, he spends the entire season trying to attract customers to his new gentleman's club — something he doesn't succeed at until Colin talks him up.

This seems like the perfect opportunity for Colin to find a sense of purpose by becoming Will's partner. Now that he's back from his travels, the third Bridgerton son is looking for a way to prove himself, and the club could be the answer. Plus, if he strikes up a proper friendship with the former boxer, both characters will benefit from having a new confidante — which is something Colin will need if he really is to be Season 3's leading man.

Queen Charlotte Flashbacks Would Set Up The Spinoff Nicely

Queen Charlotte continues to be one of the show's most fascinating and routinely hilarious characters, so it's no wonder she's getting her own spinoff. In Season 2, viewers get to see a little bit more of her husband, King George, which always makes the larger than life Queen seem more vulnerable than you might expect from her regal exterior. Season 3 would be the perfect time to include a few flashbacks to her early years, and introduce Bridgerton fans to the still unannounced cast of the spinoff in the process.

Will Lady Danbury Take Eloise Under Her Wing?

No one had a more frustrating season than Eloise. First she was forced to enter society despite clearly not being ready to get married or interested in spending her time fending off advances at balls. Then she found some joy as she was introduced to the women's suffrage movement and the adorable printer's assistant Theo, but that was taken away when Lady Whistledown revealed her secret outings to see Theo to the world. The final blow came when she found out her best friend had been Lady Whistledown all along.

After all of that, Eloise deserves a break. Enter Lady Danbury, her mother's bold best friend who could teach her how to navigate society on her own terms. Now that Kate and Edwina's futures have been secured, the fierce Lady Danbury will be in need of a new young lady to take under her wing, and the most unconventional Bridgerton would be a perfect fit.

Francesca Deserves A Proper Introduction

Even if it means recasting the in-demand Ruby Stokes, it's time for Bridgerton to properly introduce Francesca to the show's fans. Her book — When He Was Wicked — has a terrific plot. You see, she ends up getting married quite early on in the book series, but she becomes a young widow who slowly falls for her husband's best friend. That's good stuff, drama-wise, and while there's no guarantee Bridgerton will be around for six seasons, it's imperative that viewers care about Francesca for that storyline to have any real emotional impact if/when it plays out on the show.

So, whether she forms an alliance with Eloise to navigate society together or looks to Daphne for inspiration on how to handle her debut, it's time for the long-missing Bridgerton sister to get a personality.

Kate & Anthony Won't Disappear From The Drama

I don't think fans have to worry about Kate and Anthony disappearing from the action like Simon did. Firstly, it's rumored Netflix instituted a cameo clause after the Regé-Jean Page debacle, but for another, they're far too integral to the plot. Anthony is the head of the Bridgerton family, and he has six siblings still in need of spouses. Meanwhile, Kate is officially the Viscountess Bridgerton, and seeing how she and Violet navigate their shared role as the lady of the house has the potential to be a terrific storyline.

Plus, while I know the romance genre thrives on giving characters a happily ever after and then moving on to the next couple, it would be nice to see the realities of what comes next for two headstrong partners adjusting to married life.

Benedict & Anthony Are Sure To Clash

Poor Benedict just doesn't seem ready to find love just yet, but I suspect he will be the subject of Season 4. That means he needs a juicy Season 3 plot, and what could be better than seeing him clash with his beloved elder brother after discovering Anthony paid his way into university? Having the two eldest Bridgertons be on the outs next season will serve up both drama and the potential for some emotionally potent storytelling that could prepare Benedict to take on the leading role in Season 4.

With so many storylines left dangling, Season 3 could be the juiciest season of Bridgerton yet.

Images: Liam Daniel/Netflix

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