Where Is Simon In 'Bridgerton' Season 2? He's Far Too Busy To Come To The Ton

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Where Is Simon In 'Bridgerton' Season 2? He's Far Too Busy To Come To The Ton

Spoilers ahead for all of Bridgerton Season 2.

Simon, Duke of Hastings, must have burned too bright in Bridgerton Season 1. Because as the Netflix show announced back in 2021, Regé-Jean Page is not in Bridgerton Season 2, with nary a cameo in sight. Despite his wife Daphne discussing him and them being very much still married and in love, where Simon is in Season 2 isn't really explained either. But even though Season 2 focuses on Anthony's love story with Kate Sharma, there were plenty of opportunities where the Duke of Hastings would have fit right in.

Simon does get a shoutout right from the get-go of the season. When Daphne attends Eloise's debut to Queen Charlotte in Episode 1, "Capital R Rake," the now Duchess of Hastings proclaims, "You do I realize I left my child and husband at home for this." Anthony also mentions Simon in the carriage ride over to the debut, saying that it can't be so hard to find a wife this season if Hastings did it last.

Of course, the duke was too busy to see which eligible young lady would be named this season's diamond — that was barely his scene last season either. But you'd surely think he could have made it to Aubrey Hall in Episodes 3 and 4? But when Simon misses his mother-in-law's annual Hearts and Flowers Ball, Anthony only provides this clue about his whereabouts while speaking to Daphne: "I certainly miss His Grace. In the Duke's absence, you've become quite meddlesome, have you not?"

While Page is free to leave the show (and has seemed to have everyone's support — including Shonda Rhimes' — in doing so), you can't ignore that narratively, there were quite a few times in Season 2 where it really would have made sense for Simon to have been around. Here's where Simon's absence was felt the most.

When His Wife's Family, His Son, & His Godmother All Gathered At The Ancestral Home

Life's hard for a duke. Because Simon couldn't fit the trip to his wife's ancestral country home, Aubrey Hall, into his schedule — even though his son Augie and godmother Lady Danbury were also in attendance.

When The Bridgertons Played Pall Mall

Simon in the book was present for this memorable moment from Episode 3, "A Bee in Your Bonnet." But again, TV Simon was too busy for the family's rousing game of Pall Mall.

Anytime They Were At Danbury House

Lady Danbury is like Simon's surrogate mother and when he arrived in ton in Season 1, her home was the first place he stopped by. But he couldn't be bothered to pop in for tea time at any point in Season 2, even to greet her hosting of the Sharma family.

When His "Oldest Friend" & Brother-In-Law Got Married

Daphne was there to give her brother a dress down ahead of his failed nuptials to Edwina Sharma. But Simon's invitation to attend his brother-in-law and friend's wedding must have gotten lost in the mail. When Simon and Anthony reunited in Season 1, they both made an emphasis on what "old friends" they were from their Oxford days, with Simon calling Anthony his "oldest friend." Sure, they had their differences later on in Season 1, but what friendship can't overcome a duel?! So you'd think Simon would have made the time to clear his schedule for this event — if not to support his friend, at least to sit alongside his wife at church.

When Will Mondrich's New Gentleman's Club Needed Help Getting Business

Simon's sparring partner throughout Season 1 desperately needed help getting his brand new gentleman's club off the ground after Will retired from boxing. But rather than his Duke bestie help him, it was left up to Colin Bridgerton. Simon may not have been keen to attend all of the balls of the season, but you'd think he'd find any excuse to have a drink with his old pal.

The Bridgerton-Sharma Harmony Ball

No one from the ton showed up to the ball intended to prove the called-off wedding of Edwina and Anthony had been a mutual decision in Episode 7, "Harmony." So why would Simon? Plus, as Lady Bridgerton said, even Daphne couldn't make this one because "dear little Augie is still suffering from his cough." Since Simon was assuredly at home taking care of his ailing son, he's off the hook for this one.

When Augie Walked

I'm not saying that viewers witnessed his son's first-ever steps in the Season 2 finale. But it sure would have been nice for Simon to witness the glee Lady Bridgerton and Lady Danbury felt at seeing Augie walk. Plus, he missed another year of Pall Mall!

The season overall isn't lacking from Simon's absence. But I can't help but think that if he had been there, he might have been able to give Anthony some advice about not resisting a love match. But hey, if that had happened, maybe the season would have been half as long. So perhaps fans should thank Page for his absence.

Images: Liam Daniel/Netflix, Netflix

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